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Consider Trees

It’s anyone’s guess as to when and if traffic will return to Main Street. Either way, there are sections of Main that could really benefit from the addition of foliage. When the street was adapted for the Metro Rail, it was literally paved from the buildings on the West side of the street to the buildings on the East side. There are vast stretches of paved blocks where bike riders and walkers are king. But at the same time it is easy to recognize which sections need trees, bushes… anything that resembles plant life.
Greenery is necessary for a number of reasons. During the summer months the trees offer shade on hot days. The trees also add life (movement and sound) to dead sections of the street. The vibrant color infused into a brick and stone landscape can be pleasing to the eye. Trees also soak up the rainwater that otherwise dumps into the sewers. At this point in time when there are so many tree plantings underway in the city, I would think that some of the concrete sections of Main would be busted up to make way for a few trees. Think about what a little greenery could do for a street that beckons life back on a daily basis.
This tree planting effort could also benefit driveable sections of Main Street.

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