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Buffalo’s Pebble Beach

When recently discussing the new Erie Basin Marina beach, the issue of ‘quality of sand’ was brought up. The reason? Because there is a beach at the NFTA Small Boat Harbor that is very underutilized possibly due to the type of sand found there. Have you ever walked the beach? Have you ever taken a close look at the materials used for sand? It’s basically gravel and rocks, making for an excellent place to take the dogs, but not a great place to build a sandcastle.
If you ever head over to the NFTA Small Boat Harbor during the warmer months, you will find that it has become a destination for walkers… but not necessarily on the beach. People mostly stick to the boardwalk unless they’re down by the water launching a jet ski. It’s unfortunate really. Here is section of our waterfront that has made enormous strides forward. There are places to fly kites, take the dogs, rollerblade, and bike… yet when it comes to using the beach, not many people do. As long as The City is looking into new sand for the new Erie Basin Beach, it might be wise to order an extra few loads for the small boat harbor.

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