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BNAR Spruces Up Connecticut Street

Last weekend I found myself on Connecticut Street checking out some of the latest projects, including the Christiano renovation. I stopped in to talk to John Hochadel at Flowers, Etc., who proceeded to tell me about another little grassroots gardening project that I had always wondered about. The well-tended garden that he was referring to was just across the street, and it was already in full bloom. “That garden is maintained by the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors (BNAR),” he told me. “They take excellent care of that corner and I always see someone taking care of it.”
The idea of a local association taking care of a community garden is a good one. BNAR has placed a couple of attractive signs in the garden to let passersby know who is responsible for the upkeep. The project kind of reminds me of the highway programs – you know, the ones that feature signage touting what groups are responsible for keeping the land around the roadway litter-free. I have not seen too many organizations responsible for these types of corporate gardens… but hopefully we’ll see more of these types of community partnerships in the future. Thanks to members of BNAR, Connecticut Street has an attractive garden that acts as an effective selling tool for houses in the area. It’s a symbiotic relationship that should work in neighborhoods (gardens, cleanups, murals, etc.) all over the city.

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