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A Rogue Mariachi Band Livens Up Allentown

If you happened to be roaming around Allentown last night, chances are that you may have run into a rogue mariachi band. When I first saw these guys at Cozumel they were walking around serenading the diners (and the partiers). Then, once we left to see what other Cinco de Mayo activities were happening at the other establishments, we realized that the band was on the loose. They were walking up and down the street serenading passersby, and they were also popping their heads into places like Sample to sing to the customers.
I know that the mariachi band was there to promote Cinco de Mayo… and I’m not saying that there should be a permanent mariachi band in the neighborhood… but Allentown should consider hiring different acts to entertain people. Another memorable weekend in Allentown is the Infringement Festival. For one solid week there are performers who take their art and make it public. It’s a week of unexpected shows to promote the art scene that is already alive in the neighborhood. These performances, like the rogue Mariachi band, make a simple walk down the street an unexpected treat. Not to say that something should happen every night… maybe just one or two nights a week.

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