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Where The Dogs In Buffalo Roam

Now that the city has its first dog park, people are wondering if that is a sign that more public places will become dog friendly. Or will dogs (and their owners) be denied access to places like the Erie Basin Marina (see photo). In Buffalo there are off leash areas, on leash areas, and no dog areas. Some dog owners seem to be fine with the current options, while others want to explore all of Buffalo with their canine friends.
Do more places in the city need to reexamine the existing policies? Will dogs be welcome to visit the Commercial Slip? What are other cities doing to enhance or limit what dogs can or cannot do? I talked to the owners of a restaurant the other day that mentioned that down the road they might have dog parties on their patio (on a Sunday when the business is normally closed). With the advent of dog bakeries, specialty dog shops, dog parties, dog biscuit stands and dog parks and beaches… is Buffalo going to the dogs? I’m personally for it, but then again, I am a dog person.

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