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WBFO and BRO: Buffalo Homecoming

It was pretty cool to have Marti Gorman as our guest on WBFO this past Monday. I figured that since the big push to get our friends and family back is taking place right now, there was no better person than Marti to talk about the event. Between now and June 26th there are going to be a variety of programs designs to make it easier for people to come back for a visit. Due to the high gas prices, Buffalo Homecoming organizers are working with an airline to offer flight discounts for that long weekend. Details on the flight discounts will be announced shortly. There is also a push to get local restaurants and businesses involved with the event.
Buffalo Homecoming is one of the only events that takes place citywide. That means that organizations are being asked to volunteer to host Buffalo Homecoming activities. Those activities can range from sending out emails to list-serves, or organizing tours of facilities and neighborhoods. Most importantly though, it is up to you as an individual to register and show your support. Go to the Buffalo Homecoming site and RSVP… then invite five friends and family members back for the long weekend. It’s easy… and a great reason to reunite with people who may just be looking for an invitation to visit.

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