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Commute? What Commute?

I’m sure that the organizers of the Buffalo Homecoming event will be interested to see the latest Forbes BestOf/WorstOf release. It’s all about the commute after all. If you live in Buffalo, then no one has to tell you how easy it is to get around the city and the area. When I have friends in from out of town they are always amazed that a trip to the airport from downtown can take as little as seven minutes. And though there is some traffic as many downtown workers head out of the city around 4pm, compared to other cities the commute is nill.
If you want to check out some bad traffic, just head over the boarder to Toronto. I don’t know how the daily commuter can handle that mess. If you hit that traffic look out. You can get stuck for hours dealing with total gridlock. There are a number of factors that Forbes used to come up with the commuter ratings for the 75 largest metro areas in the U.S. For further information on the process and the results, check out the article here.

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