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4th In Erie Basin Beach Series: The Simple Things

While talking to Tim Tielman and Ward and Maureen Pinkel, it was clear that there could be some quick fixes to the Erie Basin Marina. Have you ever noticed all the people that bring their own grills down to the marina? They tend to set them up on the wood picnic benches along the water. There are many other local parks that offer permanent grills. As long as people are already setting up their own grills, there is a real opportunity to make it easier for more people to cook along the water.
Also, we found that people are already coming down to the marina to play chess and backgammon. These two gentlemen had set up shop in the parking lot next to their car. They even brought their own fold up table and chairs. We discovered that there are already plenty of green grass islands that could use a gaming table and chairs. People could bring their own playing pieces, or the tower shops could rent out the pieces for a couple of bucks. Once again, this is not an expensive proposition… look at the recent October Storm tree carving program that was such a success. Why not take some of the driftwood and pay some local artists to create artistic tables and benches?

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