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2nd In The Erie Basin Beach Series: Clam Bar

It’s almost funny (in a sad sort of way) that there are so many opportunities that Erie Basin Marina offers us. Yet none of the opportunities have been acted upon. Take, for example, the roll-up doors that can be found at the Outlook Tower. Just tell me that there is not some entrepreneur in Buffalo who would jump at the opportunity to sell clams and beers here. And what person with a taste bud in his or her mouth would not clamor to come down to the water to eat clams, drink a beer (Flying Bison?) and sit on a recliner on the RIng Beach?
I’m sure that this could be a second operation for The Hatch too. Just think of the possibilities. There couldn’t be a better clam bar in Buffalo. Plus there are already bathrooms built into the tower. Throw in a few bike racks, set out some picnic tables… who knows, maybe even paint some shuffle board courts on the excess roads and walkways. One thing is for sure, and that is… by being a bit creative there are many ideas that really won’t cost much money. The bones are already there. Can you imagine being able to bike down to The Tower to spend a day by the water? There are already people visiting the area… now we just have to keep them there by giving them things to do.

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