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Windows On Main Street

Over the last couple of months I’ve posted on a number of businesses on Main Street that suffer from tragic facade cover-ups. We’ve also seen some incredible facade improvements on the street. We have a long way to go before Main Street recovers from so many of the poor design decisions that have wreaked havoc on the buildings for so long. That’s why it’s so exciting to see that just today the windows are being replaced on the ZeptoMetrix business. Click here to see the original jacked-up facade, along with renderings, and a history of the entire project.
Every single one of these facade improvements adds to the renaissance of this section of drivable Main Street. When investors see boarded up buildings on a street they look for signs of life. Many want to get involved before the real estate values go up. Others like to play it safe and hope that they can snag a property under the radar when the going gets good. But rarely do you have the visionary that wants to be the first to move in and set up shop. Fortunately we have groups like First Amherst, Clover, Avalon, and ArtSpace that have paved the way for others to invest. Just seeing signs of life at ZeptoMetrix says something about the 800-block. These windows will actually broadcast to passers-by that there are real live people working inside.

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