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Wegmans’ Green Team

While shopping at Wegmans today we came across this great ‘green’ container. It has just been introduced as part of their fish-fry take-out offering. We looked around and saw that most of the other takeout containers were Styrofoam or plastic, yet this one style of container was being advertised as ‘Environmentally Friendly’. We asked one of the store managers if this was just an experiment, and he said that the market was indeed trying out the container to see how shoppers would respond to it. He mentioned that there is a Green Team at Wegmans that researches different ways to bring ‘green’ ideas to the floor.
The manager told us that he was not sure whether it was the Green Team that decided on the environmentally friendly container or not. He told us that corporate was also working towards introducing environmentally friendly resources. Either way, it’s good to know that this one style of ‘green’ container has been implemented. Hopefully it will signal to the market that customers are happy with the decision. This one example was labeled as ‘natural, biodegradable, recyclable, microwavable, non-toxic, waterproof and oil-proof’.
Also, don’t forget to bring your extra plastic bags with you when you head out shopping. There is a bag receptacle right by the front door.

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