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WBFO and BRO: Buffalo Homecoming, ICSC, Warehouse Lofts and the Indie Market

Mark Scott hosted Newell and me again last week. The man was exhausted, as was everyone in the station. The exceptions may have been Bert Gambini, who didn’t have a wrinkle on him and Debbie Sims, who was laid-back and happy, as always.
We’re not used to seeing Mark Wozniak because I think he’s winding up his day by the time we get there at 10 AM, but he was in the coffee room fueling up. They’re the greatest group of people no one ever sees, and they were fundraising in order to keep doing what they do. Speaking of fuel, if you haven’t pledged yet, this week would be a very good time to do so.
We opened the show with some discussion about Buffalo Homecoming 2008. This year, events will be held from June 26 through 29. Have a long lost friend you want closer? Want to draw the family together again? It wouldn’t hurt to play host/hostess and see what they have in store.
The next thing we talked about was the International Center for Studies in Creativity. What a gem. I never knew about this department when I was at Buffalo State College, but they’ve done some amazing things. Under the direction of Dr. Gerard Puccio, the ICSC does most of their work…internationally. ICSC gets everybody pushing in the same direction.
Many of their graduates have gone on to help local concerns. One ICSC graduate most familiar to locals may be Meg Quinn, who lent a hand at Theatre of Youth in order to facilitate problem solving and ended up being the director, with great success for TOY. Just think how we could apply ICSC in some of the stalled projects around town as well as implementing new endeavors. We need them.
Next, Newell talked about the Warehouse Lofts. Jake Schneider, Dave Resetarits and Tom Kiener, under the name The Warehouse Lofts, LLC, are the project developers. Schneider is also the project architect. There are not enough superlatives to describe this project, and we’d love to see more.
Lastly, we talked about Mary Stephens’ Indie Market. In short, it will feature independent artists and their wares in an indoor environment. Vendors will rent out space, selling pottery, stationary, jewelry, handbags, clothing and more. Starting monthly very soon (can we hope for weekly in the future?), it would be a fantastic way to spend a Saturday with friends.
The talk of retail made me think about my worn gloves; I know spring is close when my right index finger pokes through the tip of my glove. And then there’s the WBFO pledge drive. Either way, it’s worth it to reinvest.

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