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The Dark Side Of CVS

I’ve never really understood why some businesses don’t want you to see what’s inside. I always thought that exterior display windows were a good thing… not just for gift shops… for any type of shop. For the customer it’s nice to know something about the store that he or she is about to enter. And why even enter if the store doesn’t look inviting? Even if it’s a store with a big name like CVS Pharmacy, I’m sure that there are people who walk by and don’t think about stopping in. What does CVS carry again? Is there a soda machine? Can you buy snacks? I there a sunglasses rack? Why wouldn’t you want to show off some of your offerings? Talk about missing out on prime advertising.
Those are some of the questions that I had when I walked by the CVS located at the corner of Main Street and Court Street last evening. I couldn’t help but think that the store would actually be attractive and inviting if there were not dark boards placed along three quarters of the windows. Was it a security measure? Is the sun too bright for the employees during the day? Did they run out of room and decide that the windows were perfect for interior displays? Maybe the managers want the place to look foreboding so that people become curious as to what may be inside.
I would think that a store located at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Buffalo would want to capitalize on the traffic. Instead of shutting eyes out, why not invite them into the drugstore? Or does CVS have such an iconic name that it doesn’t matter what the front of the shop looks like? It’s too bad, because if they removed the dark boards and took the displays away from the windows downtown would have a fairly attractive looking corner drugstore on its hands. Right now the only thing you can see on the inside are the glaring fluorescent ceiling lights.

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