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The Buehl Block

While walking past the Buehl Building yesterday I noticed that a new awning and glass facade had been added to the former Stanford Building facade at 285 Ellicott. As a matter of fact, the awning mimicked the shape of the original awning (top photo) that has been there years earlier. Since developer Roger Trettel acquired the building, there have been many improvements made to both the interior and the exterior. Most recently he outfitted the front with thermo-paned glass (see below). “The windows were in bad shape,” Roger told me. It was time to replace them for insulating purposes.”
It’s quite a difference when you look at these before and after photos… where the awning once read, “Stanford Building”, it now reads, “Buehl Block”. And of course the building that is situated next to 285 Ellicott is the Buehl Building that is featured in the famous Charles Burchfield painting, “Rainy Night”. It is interesting to note that the 285 Ellicott building can be seen painted to the left of the corner Buehl Building.

When I view this painting it makes me cringe to see the buildings that we lost to the right of the Buehl. Thanks to Roger and other people involved with preservation in Buffalo we still have a couple of the buildings left to appreciate today.
Tomorrow I’ll post a neat ‘before and after’ images of the Buehl Building.

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