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The Buehl: Before and After

When I spoke to developer Roger Trettel yesterday (see post 1), he asked whether I might also be interested in seeing interesting ‘before and after’ shots of the actual Buehl building. When the project was nearing completion WestCoastPerspective did a great job covering the details of the development, but I don’t think I ever saw the ‘before’ photo that Roger ended up passing along. When I first saw it I laughed out loud. What a mess. These two photos really tell the story with no need for words.
When I think about this part of the city I think of the projects, both big and small, that will one day make the Buehl Block a destination area again. I think of Fables Café located in the Central Library. And I think of the brand ‘new’ historic Warehouse Lofts, and Tim Hortons bringing life back to the Liberty Building – corner of Main and Court. Then I see flashes of Thursday at the Square with thousands of people filtering into the neighborhood. I also think of the potential… will the 50 Court Street building move forward? Will the Lafayette Hotel ever be restored to its original grace? Will some of the storefronts in that area take unwanted signage off the windows and join the ranks of the progressive retail world?

This district has so much potential. And it is the Buehl Building that continues to shine as a beacon for other developers to take part in the renaissance. Just think back to the time when the Buehl was in jeopardy of being lost… can you imagine looking at that corner and not seeing this restored beauty?

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