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Sanarak: Your Local Popcorn and Candy Connection

Sanarak Paper and Popcorn Supplies is located in North Buffalo on Hinman Avenue between Elmwood Avenue and Military Road. It’s the kind of storefront you might drive by without giving a second glance; the name might lead you to think its stock includes both double-tabbed manila file folders (c’mon, how can I talk about paper without a reference to The Office?) and Jiffy Pop, but if you stop by the next time you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll find something quite different inside.
Sanarak is a locally owned company that does a brisk wholesale business in bulk candy, popcorn and other snacks for concession stands, but it also has a variety of goods available to the individual consumer. In the mood for pralinated cashews, bar mixers, soft frozen pretzels or chocolate covered popcorn? Sanarak is great for party snacks, especially if you’re buying individually wrapped items in quantity. I also do my Halloween candy shopping here; the Mallo Cups I bought one year were such a big hit with the adults accompanying young trick-or-treaters that several actually sheepishly asked for extras.
There’s also an extensive selection of chocolate making supplies, including molds for all occasions, bags and boxes (that’s where the paper comes in- see, it’s not really of the Dunder Mifflin variety), lollipop sticks, cellophane wrappers, and a selection of chocolate wafers in a range of colors. If you’re thinking of making your own chocolate this Easter, Sanarak is a great place to go for supplies. From bunnies to lambs to flowers, the choice of molds is one of the best I’ve seen locally.
And if you’re interested in purchasing a professional popcorn popper (a la The Ground Round—there’s a throwback for all you Buffalo children of the 1980s) or a cotton candy maker, Sanarak can hook you up. Although I have neither the space nor the funds for either of those extravagances, I have to admit that the thought of buying my own gigantic popcorn cart has crossed my mind on more than one trip to Sanarak. So go check it out, but don’t blame me if you leave with a cotton candy machine for your basement.sanarak%20ext.jpg

Sanarak Paper and Popcorn Supplies
456 Hinman Avenue, Buffalo, 14216

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