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Healthy Transportation Options

What may influence your decision to leave your car in the driveway? Is it a need for complete streets? What about access and convenience? Would you like to improve your health while your carbon footprint takes a plunge? Then I would like to share with you
This website was designed for WNY’ers in order to assist them in discovering healthy options for their everyday transportation needs. Its simple, enter your starting address and destination and the program is designed to identify bicycle routes, facilitate carpool matches in addition to providing metro bus and rail options.
Ecology and Environment, Inc., one of the worlds leading organizations in pioneering innovative methods for ride sharing and healthy transportation options, has partner with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council, NFTA, Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association to conceive The Earth Day 2008 Initiative as a way to launch this program to all WNY’ers.
Your organization can sign-up to participate in this initiative by simply visiting, registering on the site and encouraging your employees or members to walk, bicycle, take public transit or carpool on April 22nd 2008. Through your organization’s participation and support you will receive:
Your logo featured on the website;
Your organization will garner positive local and national media attention;
Be able to compete for organizational awards for your level of participation, overall emissions saved, etc.; and
Members of your organization will benefit from reduced transportation costs, and you will play a part in improving air quality, reducing traffic congestion and enhancing the quality of life in WNY.
Another option that is being considered is a “bicycle there” button through Google maps. There is currently an online petition so that the good folks at Google will add the feature. The idea being that a route would be identified which would take into account actual bicycle lanes from the locality being mapped and identify a route for a bicyclist giving them options for the most direct route, scenic or safest options.
These types of tools being produced can help facilitate options for those of us who want a choice. Check out and give it a try, get your employer involved. Go and sign the petition for Google. With tools such as these the guess work is taken out of using healthy transportation options for your everyday needs. You may be surprised how easy and enjoyable it can be reading a book during your commute home from work or feeling the warm spring breeze whip past your face on a bicycle so much so, that these choices become a part of your regular routine. At the very least it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

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