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Easter Merckens

Have you ever heard of Merckens? I hadn’t until yesterday, much to the surprise of everyone who was shopping at Guercio’s. I always thought that a chocolate covered egg was a chocolate covered egg. But it turns out that eating Merckens (once made locally) has been an Easter tradition for years and years. It was interesting to hear that the old line chocolatier was formerly located on the West Side of Buffalo… though it appears that the operation has since moved out of town.
An interesting thing to note about Merckens is the label… or lack of one I should say. The colorful candy wrappers are identifiable through the clear (and yellow striped) cellophane bag in which they are packaged. Other than that, there is no logo, no name, and the only text read, “Solid milk chocolate (with listed ingredients). Talk about brand recognition… now that I know what Merckens look like I’ll never forget that they are a Buffalo Easter tradition and a darn good chocolate egg.
Photo: Linda at Guercio’s holds up two bags of Merckens ($6.99 for a bag)
250 Grant St | Buffalo, NY 14213 | (716) 882-7935

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