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Sterling Place Tavern: Keeping it Simple

I’ve only been to Sterling Place Tavern three times. After each visit I’ve told anyone who would listen how much fun I had. So I have to wonder why I don’t go more often.
What I enjoy most about Sterling Place is the atmosphere, and I’m not referring to the decor. You won’t find bright colors or cozy chairs there. Rather, it’s the very friendly people and the relaxed vibe that make it such a great place to hang out.
In terms of food, the menu is not extensive. If you ask for a menu, you’ll be directed to a chalkboard located a few steps away from the bar. When I visited on a recent Saturday night, there were a handful of items listed on the chalkboard: burgers, chicken fingers, chicken sandwich, and a few seafood options, including scallops.
I highly recommend the burgers at Sterling Place. About a year ago I did a Google search for “best burgers in Buffalo” and came across a favorable opinion of Sterling Place. I’ve enjoyed their burgers on the two occasions that I’ve ordered them, including this most recent visit. For $7.50, you’ll get a great tasting burger with very good french fries.
When I suggested to my wife that we go to Sterling Place on this recent evening, I have to admit it was a tough sell. Considering we have a three-month-old, we don’t get out much, so when the opportunity came to leave our baby with his grandmother for a few hours, I think my wife was hoping to dine somewhere romantic. But after her first night at Sterling Place, she became a big fan.
As mentioned earlier, the people are very friendly. Within five minutes of our visit I was high-fived by an apparent regular. We sat at the bar and were impressed with our very attentive bartender. Before long we started chatting with a group of couples who were playing darts; by the time we left, we were shaking hands and hugging like old friends.
My advice is to keep it simple at Sterling Place. Try a burger, enjoy the people, and play a few tunes on the jukebox. There’s a wide selection of beers from which to choose, ranging from Woodchuck Draft Cider to Pabst Blue Ribbon. You can leave your credit cards at home. They’re not accepted at Sterling Place.
Being February, many folks have probably already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. I actually never made any, but I think it’s still early enough in the year to start one. So here’s my resolution for 2008: Spend more time at Sterling Place. Hope to see you there.

Sterling Place Tavern
1487 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, 14206

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