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Fox Gets Ready For Green

While paying a visit to Fox Tire on the city’s East Side, I happened to ask Eric Fox (family business) how the green roof was coming. “As a matter of fact the roof and all of the beams are in place,” he answered. “As soon as it gets nice out we’re going to be adding the soil and planting.” His answer surprised me. I really didn’t think that they were going to move on the project as quickly as they did.
Eric once told me that the great press that the business had received was surprising, and the response prompted him to move forward quickly with the project. He showed me the nine large beams that were recently put into place to handle the heavy load of the soil. I asked him if the roof needed to be watered, or if the rain would naturally take care of the plantings. “We designed a water spout that will take the rain from a nearby roof to help keep the plants watered. Instead of having the water go directly down the sewer (as it did in the past), the rainwater will be used for a beneficial purpose.”
WestCoastPerspective has the detailed history of the green roof addition here. And here he has some more details on Eric’s commitment to the neighborhood (and the planet). As soon as the soil is poured onto the large roof (above a storage warehouse) we’re going to head back to check out the finished project. In the meantime it was cool to see the progress that has been made on this environmentally friendly roof addition.
Mr Fox Tire Co Inc. 1035 William Street (716) 856-1696

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