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Buffalo Area Dart League

When I was younger we used to head to the Shebeen on Delaware Avenue to play darts. There were a bunch of dartboards in the back (real cork dartboards), which meant that there were always some good throwers hanging around. It was a very sad day when the Shebeen closed up (to make room for another club) and was remodeled. That’s about the time that I stopped playing darts. And since that time I have run into a lot of bars and clubs that have switched to the electronic dartboards. I know that they can be fun and a lot of people enjoy them, the machines make money for the bars, but at the same time many of the bars and pubs opted for quarters over atmosphere.
While looking for some information on why Buffalo has so many crows that assemble in the treetops on certain nights (if anyone has any info, please share), I came across a site dedicated to WNY darts. The Buffalo Area Dart League appears to be healthy and strong by the looks of the House Listing, which names all of the different establishments that partake in the ‘sport’. Some of the clubs found in the city are Charlie O’Brien’s, Blarney Castle, Checkers, Gabel’s, Gecko’s Pokey Joes, Swan Lounge, and Talty’s. So if you’re looking to get involved with the dart scene in Buffalo, check out Buffalo Area Dart League site.

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