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Podcast: The Legendary Gym Cellars At 506 Delaware

The cellars are in a club I’m pointing out, and are part of one of Buffalo’s best kept secrets. There’s a mysterious mansion at 506 Delaware that looks as grand today as it ever did. The three stories of luxurious, regal space that comprise the rest of the mansion are currently going through on-and-off renovations in hopes to establish it as… well, I’m not quite sure — that will hopefully be an exciting story for Steel or WCP to cover someday. But in the meantime, join us while we check out the mansion’s legendary Cellars.
The Catholic Club is located in the cellars of the mansion property. While it remains a Knights of Columbus sponsored and themed club, don’t let the word Catholic stop you from inquiring about membership. “We have members of many denominations,” said the volunteer director of the facility, former State Senator and 17-year veteran Common Council member Al Coppola. Coppola’s been a member for 50 years.
When The Knights sold the building, they secured a sweet lease that still has over 70 years left to it. For about the price of other health clubs, members can avail of a club so exclusive, expansive, and private, and yet so fully open as a men’s club can possibly be. Upon using your private key to enter, you walk past a club bar room, fully stocked with spirits, comfortable tables and large TVs… the tour leads from there to the workout room, handball and racquet ball courts, a fabulous pool, sauna, and steam room. Let’s go to the podcast and hear more from Al Coppola on our tour chat…
Knights of Columbus 506 Delaware Ave, Buffalo – (716) 440-1600

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