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Carottes Vichy

Carottes Vichy is a classic French dish, both simple and delicious. The minor efforts required easily enhance the beauty of the carrot’s natural flavor. This dish is named after Vichy, a spa town in France famous for its hot mineral springs. The carrot, which is now commonplace, was then considered somewhat exotic, and the preparation of this dish called for Vichy’s mineral water. Today it is simple to replicate the flavors by using soda water. The result is a tasty, lightly glazed carrot.
A popular American take on this dish uses 7Up or other lemon-lime flavored soda in place of soda water and sugar. I prefer the more traditional method, as I find that the version which uses soda decimates the flavor of the carrot itself, turning it instead into a dish more akin to dessert. Additionally, the use of 7Up adds almost 6 teaspoons of high fructose corn syrup to the recipe.
When I spotted these beautiful bunches of orange and yellow carrots at the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market I decided to make Vichy Carrots to complement the roast we were having for dinner. This preparation brings out the natural sweetness of the carrot without overwhelming its earthiness. Not only do my kids love this dish, they love to help me make it.

Carottes Vichy

1 lb carrots · a knob of butter (2 tbsp) · 1 1/2 cups soda water · 1 tbsp sugar · freshly chopped parsley · salt and pepper to taste

Peel and rinse carrots. Slice on the bias into 1/4” pieces. Heat water and sugar until water begins to simmer, add carrots. Cook uncovered until carrots become soft. Drain and add butter. Transfer to serving dish; sprinkle with freshly chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

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