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Buffalo Snow… Through The Eyes Of A Child

It’s about time that someone published a children’s book that details how exciting snow can be. Elizabeth Leader, along with her daughter, Eve Tulbert, has captured the essence of a snowstorm as seen through the eyes of children. It’s a thrilling, and sometimes scary, tale of a young girl and her older brother getting stuck in a car during a blizzard. The two knock on the door of a nearby house and ask to use the phone. While waiting for their father there is an incredible bonding moment that takes place between the stranded kids and the welcoming family. I spoke to Elizabeth this morning about her inspirations for the tale and this is what she told me:
“I’m originally from Boston, Mass. I got to Buffalo right after the Blizzard of ’77. To me it was very exciting. The whole town had bonded after the storm. The blizzards are so much fun.. the idea for the story is about being separated from your family during one of these storms… but it’s also about the kindness of Buffalonians and the reuniting of family members. It’s as if… I’d heard so many stories from so many people. There are so many incredible tales to tell, and believe it or not, blizzards bond people together. People love to talk about fantastic stories of the wind and the snow. When you’re not raised with the experience of a blizzard it’s a lot of fun to be a part of… the storm is so impressive. It can be very exciting and that’s what I wanted to show. I wanted it to be about children and the storm through their eyes… I’m a mother and the thought of being separated from my family… it’s the essence of the story… and it’s the kindness of strangers that is very important to me.
My daughter, Eve, helped me with the dialogue. All of the illustrations are my own. I was working on the images last summer when it was hot… but I kept plugging away with it. This was very difficult book to get published. Big time publishers rejected it. Brian Meyers from Western New York Wares saw the potential and helped to raise my spirits. It was Rich Petit from Petit Printing who eventually gave me the opportunity. Local people wanted to see this happen and it did. It’s all the people that are trying to make a difference… that’s why I love it here. There should be a series of children’s books based in Buffalo. The storms are looked at very negatively. Kids can look at the storms as an exciting event. Adults should be able to do the same. I used a few of my neighbors as models. And you can see the houses around Hertel in the background, including Dash’s Market. There’s a family on my block… the father posed for me…and he’s the father in the book… they’re identical. You can see the actual characters around Buffalo. Drawing the snow and the wind was the ‘funnest’ part though.”
Buffalo Snow is a full color, glossy cover, heavy paper stock, large-sized, 30-page children’s book that is available at, among other locations, either Talking Leaves locations or Roswell Park gift shop ($6.95). The book is dedicated to Buffalo – The City of Good Neighbors.

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