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Beyond/In: Chris Barr

Chris Barr’s Bureau of Workplace Interruptions doesn’t look like a traditional art exhibit. In fact it has a lot more in common with the aesthetics of the DMV than the typical installation at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, where it is currently installed as a part of the Beyond/In Western New York exhibit through October 28. While you may experience this piece online, you really should visit the gallery to visit his institution within an institution, and check out the rest of the show while it remains on view. Featuring 50 artists in 12 venues, Beyond/ In Western New York is a thorough look at the art of our extended region.
Because Barr’s work is uniquely non-visual in nature, but more idea and experience based, we share his project with you via pod cast, rather than a slideshow. This work is about reinvestigating our daily routine, when we touch people, and when we don’t. His work is not only criticism, but also somewhat generous (as most art is), he is offering something to each person that interacts with his project. That something can come in one of many surprising forms. Listen to the pod cast to learn more. He has a couple of other projects that ask his “viewers” to examine their day to day, and influence his. Documents of those projects can be found on his website.
For more information on Chris Barr’s Buffalo projects, check out this BR story:
Temporary Audio with Chris Barr

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