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Cannoli Update: Another Reason to Shop at Guercio’s…

…as if you needed one.

Buffalo Rising has featured an ode to cannoli before, so the purpose of this posting is not to wax poetic about the many fine attributes of these delectable desserts. Nor is it to share a recipe for making your own cannoli, because while I’m a huge fan of the sugary, cheesy tubes of tastiness, it frankly seems like a pain to make the pastry from scratch. If you disagree, well, you’ve got an open invitation to a potluck at my place anytime.
Rather, the point of this posting is to let you know that Guercio’s now sells cannoli at the deli counter. For $1.25, you can get one decorated with chocolate chips, sprinkles, cherries or fresh strawberries. They’re located next to the cheeses, and I’ve seen the awesome women who work behind the counter filling them in the mornings. They started making them a couple of months back, and I’ve found myself purchasing them with some regularity. Sometimes the employees even draw a smiley face after they write the price on the container. That’s one of those little things that make me really happy about living in this city.
Now, I’m not arguing that these are the best cannoli in Buffalo. I haven’t had enough exposure to cannoli at some of our other excellent sources (e.g., Dolci on Elmwood or Caramici’s on Hertel) to take a stand on this issue. If pressed, however, I certainly would be willing to take one for the team and conduct a scientifically-based tasting of as many as I can. Yes, I’m just that generous.
250 Grant Street, Buffalo, 14213

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