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Styles of Man: More Than Just a Haircut

Hakeem Hicks isn’t the type of guy who immediately comes to mind when you think role model, but surprisingly that unlikely quality is what makes him so effective. As owner of Styles of Man he celebrates 8 years of quality service within the Bailey-Delavan business community, an area often riddled with inner-city violence, where positive media coverage often goes underreported. His accomplishments are more impressive when one considers Hakeem is merely 30 years old.
Hakeem gives credit to his dad, the late Carl Hicks, for influencing him and being a consistent example of what a father and businessman should be. For this father of two, quality time spent with extended family is held in high regard. As a young barber, Hakeem worked hard towards becoming a business owner and received additional assistance from his parents. In fact the previous owner held his mortgage for the first year.
Styles of Man is a professionally licensed shop specializing in all hair ethnicities, and is located at 201 East Delavan (at Courtland), with seven barbers and one stylist skilled in all manner of men’s and women’s styling services.
The shop has a modern, friendly feel with lots of mirrors and chrome intertwined throughout the maroon and beige furnishings. Two flat panel televisions broadcast continuous cable offerings to customers as they await service.
Here the language is a little milder and the stories not as outrageous as offered elsewhere, but what is received more than compensates. Young boys exchange their free time for an afternoon’s pay and learn responsibility while performing small tasks. Many fathers accompany their sons on weekends and engage in sports talk, while single mothers freely run errands knowing that their children are in safe care.
Hakeem, Celly, Corn, Pope, Hump and Scoot are more than barbers, several of these men also coach little league football teams throughout the community. Each has a lengthy list of customers that still require a booster seat; therefore Hakeem tends to regulate musical content.
It is not uncommon to find neighborhood regulars in a grudge match on the chess board, or engaged in deep conversation. For Hicks and others, Styles of Man is more than just your average barbershop. “I believe it to be a resting place for guys on the street,” says Hicks. “For the clientele, it is a safe place where they can be serviced and recognized. For some a safe haven, an escape from the stress of their daily routine.”
Hakeem believes God has placed him in a position of ownership so that he can provide an example of entrepreneurship to others. Perhaps that is why on many evenings you can find him holding small business seminars for interested parties. He feels a responsibility to share his knowledge. “I’m driven by seeing others do better,” says Hicks, “understanding that it’s not all about me.”
When asked his future goals, Hakeem dreams of managing a network of minority owned shops with a solid business plan based on spiritual principles. For now he looks forward to years of continued success within a community that he is proud to call his own. “I believe this shop has meaning in the community. I’m a man of integrity who runs his business with honesty,” says Hicks “It’s been eight years and I intend to stay.” It is doubtful that his neighbors would have it any other way, for success is a style desired by all.
Styles of Man, 201 E. Delavan (at Courtland), 891.8538
Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 7 PM, Sat: 9 AM-7 PM

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