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Thursday at the Square: Britpop Meets DreamRock Meets Buffalo

Thursday at the Square is going to be major this week, with about-to-be huge band Augustana headlining a three-band line-up including As Tall as Lions and in a slight change-up, the Brakes (Army of Me has cancelled due to illness).
Starting off the night will be the satirical Brit-pop group the Brakes, famous for such punchy little numbers like “Hi, How Are You,” a 30-second number mocking judgmental imagists with lyrics like: “What do you do? What do you listen to? Where do you go? Are you with them or are you with us? How do you dress? Who are your friends?” Sure to keep the crowd rolling with their light-hearted, enthusiastic punked-up sceneterism, The Brakes are a fun addition to a night that will progress to an evening of super-melodic soulful alt-rock.
Long Island’s As Tall As Lions is coming into their own, with a better reaction to their second, self-titled album than their initial release Lafcadio. Maybe it’s due to the change in bass player, or their general process on the new disc, which was much more labor-of-love, in-the-moment type of songwriter, leading to a more personal touch which audiences are relating to more directly. Dreamy and emotional, yet not without a solid groove, their sound is the perfect backdrop for an after-work rendezvous with that special someone.
Following ATAL is Augustana, a group that’s followed all the proper steps to being the Next Big Thing. Southern Californian lead guitarist Josiah Rosen understood the name to mean “a small glimpse of hope” in Latin, a name which is beginning to bear fruit for these young SONY/BMI artists. But what’s the sound? Epic emo-alt-rock with mournful vocal harmonics and songs that could be the soundtrack for the latest Zach Braff introspective twenty-something flick. Think Coldplay meets Train meets a long drive into the sunset thinking about the one that got away. Contemplative, sensitive, and still capable of bringing up the hair on the back of your neck, Augustana is paying their dues, working hard, and living a life that will allow them to speak to their compatriots, fellow travelers of the dreamscape. Catch them now, before tickets are $100 each.
Thursday, June 14, 5-9 PM
Thursdays at the Square
1 Lafayette Square, 14203

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