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Rocco Termini Speaks: A BRO Exclusive Pt. 1

It’s important to point out that this is a conversation with Rocco Termini about building permit issues at the Webb Building. He chose now to speak because the City of Buffalo just issued it’s findings in the EDPI Review Panel Report. He sees this situation as being totally separate from the tragic accident currently being investigated which took the life of a young construction worker. This is also a finding of the report which states “…the application which was pending for a General Construction Permit was acted upon and a General Construction Permit was in force before the March 20, 2007 fatality.”
In this conversation, Termini talks about the steps he took and his interaction with the Permits Department prior to this incident including being refused an expedited review he was willing to pay a premium for–a request refused because management was concerned with the morale of the department.
It’s important to hear what these steps were because they help explain the confusion around the permit Termini was issued. Though the permit is clearly labeled an “Asbestos Removal Permit”, in the description of work allowed the permit reads, “ASBESTOS REMOVAL AND STRUCTURAL STABILIZATION (IN PREPARATION FOR ALTERATION AND RENOVATIONS UNDER SEPARATE PERMITS) TO ALL FLOORS OF A 5 STORY MASONRY MIXED USE BUILDING.”
Termini was candid about his frustration with the permit process and department, and deeply disturbed by the local mainstream media’s coverage of the story (specifically linking this issue with the March 20th fatality). He expressed sorrow at what he perceived to be the obfuscation of a tragic loss of life by lesser issues and inaccurate reporting. Termini became emotional when speaking of how his reputation as a member of the community and a businessperson has been unfairly compromised.
Look for Pt. 2 tomorrow.
Host: Elena Cala Buscarino
Videographer: Gabrielle Bouilane
Video Editor: Nicholas Barone

Written by George Johnson

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