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Full Circle Studios Part 3: Buffalo v. Charlotte

Well, Full Circle Studios is definitely succeeding in its goal of getting people talking with locally-themed humor pieces, based on yesterday’s clip of “Buffalo v. NYC”. In today’s short, the Queen City compares notes with Charlotte, NC again starring John Kreuzer.
The initial clip, “Buffalo v. Cleveland”, explains the series’ goal of creating content for a local cable station that would get people talking and watching the network again. The “Buffalo vs.” series was one of several themed shorts, some historical, some modern, which take aim at local culture.
The mission, as outlined in their website for the work, was:
“[To create an] exclusive, locally-produced show that might be different, attention-grabbing, and controversial enough to draw audiences away from satellite and other competitors, a group of us sat down and thought about this challenge. What kind of show would be “talked about around the watercooler the next day,” as the cable folks described it, and still make sense economically and artistically to produce on a regular basis in a local market? The answer was clear, a locally focused satirical sketch comedy show.”
Let’s see how today’s clip is received.

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