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Morning, Glory!

I’m an addict.
This is not the part where admitting the addiction is the first step to recovery. I do not want to recover. I LOVE breakfast. If they had a bumper sticker that said that, it would be on my car. I am a breakfast fiend, a fan of the highest order, but please do not confuse this with being a morning person. I find it necessary to have breakfast in order to enjoy the morning or the day is not worth it.
So what is more fun than breakfast? Having someone else make it! So it is nice to discover a new place to enjoy and eat my favorite meal. This is a little adventure my husband and I have on an on-going basis–to find places we have not tried before. Then I get to order something I know I do not have or would not make at home. So needless to say I was thrilled when my husband and I stumbled upon the Morning Glory Café. A new adventure in breakfast awaited.
Ever want to go to a place that has the potential to know your name and therefore know what you have come to order? “And the usual?” would be a questions asked of you? Nestled next to Maria’s Cleaning Place is Morning Glory Café at the tri-corners of Porter and West Avenues, and York on the lower west side. It is a cozy, welcoming place that offers lunch–and my favorite meal-breakfast!
The Café offers breakfast fare with choices that range from light to the traditional with a twist. To have the choice of breakfast panini or croissants, smoothies, muffins, pastries, Italian toast–I was in heaven. My husband ordered a hot chocolate and a breakfast croissant, and I ordered a latte and half of a breakfast panini (I could of ordered a whole, but I saw a pastry with my name on it). The lady behind the counter took our order. She brought out both the hot chocolate and the latte topped with whipped cream, because she didn’t want the latte feeling left out. I was feeling welcome and cozy that was for sure. My husband and I agreed it was just right for a chilly April morning, and the fact that it cost us under $12.00 was just the icing on the pastry.
I look forward to feeding my addiction again.
Morning Glory Café, 388 Porter, 14201, 886.9755

Written by George Johnson

George Johnson

Buffalo Rising Co-Founder. Designer (Product, Graphic, Motion). Geek.

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