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Buffalo: No. 73 With a Bullet has released its annual rankings of the best cities in the country to find a job, and, no, Buffalo is not in the Top 10, based on five statistical categories. Or the Top 50.
But the area, which also included Niagara Falls for the purpose of the statistical data used, came in at No. 73, five spots ahead of last year’s list.
And the region ranked No. 1 in one department – cost of living.
That’s not a tremendous surprise to anyone who lives here, but some of the metropolises that fall behind Buffalo on the overall list might be.
Most of the Really Big Cities, where limitless opportunities purportedly abound, scored poorly. The New York City region came in two spots behind Buffalo, at No. 75, followed by Chicago (82), Boston (83), San Francisco (86) and Los Angeles (88), due not only to the punishing cost of living, but slow job and income growth.
Also interesting were the ratings for a couple of cities that some point to as Rust Belt success stories — Pittsburgh (76) and Cleveland (92) – and Louisville (79), often held up as a shining example of metropolitan government.
In the upstate New York area, Syracuse (52) and Rochester (59) placed well ahead of Buffalo, thanks to Top-5 finishes in cost of living and better numbers in median household income and unemployment.
The city ranked No. 1 will probably annoy anyone still harboring resentment from last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs:

Raleigh, N.C., topped our list this year. The city has low unemployment, strong income and job growth, and high incomes–yet it still maintains a relatively low cost of living. Raleigh is part of the “research triangle,” including Durham and Chapel Hill. Three major universities–Duke, the University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State University–make their homes in the area. The result: A city with good weather, a relatively low cost of living and a highly educated population. “There isn’t much of a negative in Raleigh,” says Steven Cochrane, an economist with Moody’s, which provided us with the data for this story. “It has a lot of the amenities of Florida, except not the hurricanes.”

Wow. Almost like Florida. Congratulations.
Detroit finished last, one spot behind New Orleans. You know things are rough in your town if there are better opportunities in a city less than two years removed from an apocalyptic flood that wrought devastation unprecedented in modern American history.
Finishing 73rd certainly leaves room for improvement. In the meantime, in your face, Providence (77). You too, Toledo (96).

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