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A Beautiful Day

For those suffering from “Real Feel” phobia who opted not to leave the house yesterday, here’s a look at what you missed (besides breaking an ice scraper, the hot-and-cold-yet-wet sensation that heralds the onset of frostbite and the exhilaration of frozen nostrils).
Among readers who have migrated south, images like these and any mention of the word “below” when discussing temperatures provokes a couple of possible reactions:
1. You get a little wistful, recalling the joy of hearing that your school had the good sense to close, then overdosing on hot chocolate and daytime television.
2. Having secured yourself a life that includes a not-too-cramped cubicle, the 90-minute commute that comes with and the occasional hurricane, you dash off a haughty post to, just in case anyone left behind wasn’t aware of the moral superiority that comes with your successful quest for mediocrity.
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For those of us lacking such personal integrity, the temperature isn’t expected to reach 20 degrees until Thursday, or rise above 21 until next Monday. And for those who worry about wind chills, expect to hear that “below” word a lot.
So wear a hat and gloves. Let your car heat up for half an hour before driving anywhere. And take a look around.

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