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If you regularly visit Toronto,AeP

We could use your help.

We’ve recently launched Until Monday: Toronto to a small invite-only audience. The site is written by a team of talented local contributors passionate about the cultural life of their city and driven by the involvement of a community of members, commenters, and users who love to learn and talk about what’s happening in the city they love.
A large part Until Monday: Toronto is obviously the platform it’s served on. It represents a step forward for us,Aeian evolution of the application we first launched in Brooklyn in September of last year. It’s rich with a suite of tools intended to add a layer of depth and utility to the experience.
We need a few regular WNY visitors to Toronto to give us some feedback,Aeiand to represent visitors in a community of mostly locals. If you already have a level of familiarity with the city and are interested in learning more–an insiders view,Aeiplease contact us.
The site is about 90% ready. The development team is still refining and optimizing…and there’s still some paint to put on the walls. Your involvement is an opportunity to help us not just make the UM:TO even better, but shape the site and community so that it serves the interests of regular visitors as well as locals.
We’re only handing out a few invitations in Buffalo, so if we run out, we’ll send you a note when we launch the site to the public.

Written by George Johnson

George Johnson

Buffalo Rising Co-Founder. Designer (Product, Graphic, Motion). Geek.

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