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HLM/Think Financial Office Update

Warning: If you have no interest in the build out of our office (the first leased office space in the Cobblestone District), innovative, cost-effective construction and design, the work of some gifted creative professionals, or a couch from the lobby of the Courier Express, please don’t read this. There’s nothing for you here.

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The Railing
So we get a call one night last week from Brad Wales, the architect working on our project, who tells us he has two of the best designers in Buffalo coming up with ideas and drawings for our railing. He was pretty insistent that we stop whatever we were doing and come over. It’s a really good thing we did . Deep in the back of a huge and wonderful building on Main Street (a project queenseyes will be covering in the near future) Brad, Jeff Gabriel and Frank Fantauzzi were alternately shooting pool, changing records, mixing cocktails and drawing different concepts for really unique railing systems: studies in tension and compression.
The result of that collaboration was installed in our space yesterday, and as cool as the drawings were, they didn’t do the railing justice. Weaving in and out of concrete pillars above a floor of bamboo, the railing is this beautiful line of stainless steel cable guided by machined aluminum all held tight by turnbuckles made of surgical grade stainless.
The Couch
Just before we got that call from Brad, we got one from Mark Taylor. He asked us two things: Were we looking for a couch and did we have vision. While we were definitely looking for furniture , warning sirens started going off when we heard the couch required “vision”. But Mark’s business and reputation are built on his impeccable taste so we went to see what he was talking about.
The thing was enormous: 9.5′ long by 5′ deep by 3′ high. You can sit in a corner with a laptop and disappear. After a long night of production, it could probably sleep the entire editorial staff along with an art director. When Mark told us it was from the lobby of the Courier Express, we had to have it.
Thomas Mileham of Mileham Antiques on Hertel made sure the couch arrived to the space. Getting it in the space however proved to be quite a chore. It wouldn’t fit in the elevator. It wouldn’t even fit in the stairway. So Sam Savarino graciously offered the use of one of his cranes and we had it lifted to our patio which was the only way to get it into the space. The couch is being not so much reupholstered as reinvented by Scott Washburn (whose garden graces the cover of Buffalo’s Garden Walk Book). You’ll see it in our final post of the finished space.
The Workstations
We looked at all of our workstation options and for a host of reasons (aesthetic, time of delivery, cost) we had to reject all of them. Then we ran into Jon Spielman on the way to breakfast one morning. He’d heard through the grapevine that we were looking into workstation solutions and asked if we’d be interested in a design and proposal. His sketches were amazing and his price was just right. He’s still building our reception desk and the privacy screens for the workstations, but the tables were installed yesterday and we couldn’t be happier with them,Aeibanded in steel and topped with bamboo, they look like pressed blossoms sprouting from the office platform.
The Lighting
There’s still much to do in the next few week as we move in, including installation of a collection of fixtures from (and by) Roy and Sionen of Lightmakers which will add another layer of depth and finish to the space. Roy and Sionen saved our butts when it came to lighting decisions. After spending countless hours worrying about what would work, we told them our budget and two days later they presented us with a next level solution consisting of some innovatively sourced fixtures and a custom solution as well.
For those interested in the project, we thought you might dig the work done in just the past few days. We sure do.
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Think Financial and HLM in the Cobblestone District

Written by George Johnson

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