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Punk-Pop Shoppers

Punk-poppers New Found Glory were in town last night, part of the roster for Kiss 98.5,Aeos sxteenth annual Kissmas Bash that happened at newly-repaired HSBC Arena (you know, after that post-holiday-cocktail incident with the somewhat airborne Saab last week).
As part of their Queen City itinerary, three of the five NFG bandmates had a must-do: visiting and shopping at the newly-opened New Era Cap Co. flagship store on Delaware Avenue in the former Fed Reserve Bank fortress. Their management arranged for them to arrive at New Era in a glimmering black stretch Hummer about noon.

The bandmates (Chad Gilbert, Ian Grushka and Steve Klein) walked into the building slightly dazed as they,Aeod just arrived in Buffalo moments before after an all-night busride following a gig in Poughkeepsie the previous night. Upon entering the store they went completely wide-eyed, trying on several caps and marveling at the sleek store and the choices, choices, choices.
The trio settled, ultimately, on an average of seven each and left clutching their oversized New Era shopping bags. Big hits with them were New Era,Aeos Negro League Baseball, major league baseball, and skull & bones Halloween series models.
New Era caps, the bandmates enthused, beat out other national brands because of their designs and construction. Steve Klein, who did a short on-cam interview with Channel 7, enthused that he owns ,Aeuabout two hundred,Aeu New Era caps.
Athletes, rock stars, hip-hoppers, and cappers the world over have these locally-made lids on their minds and heads. Rock on, New Era.

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