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Only in Buffalo

There were two stories on BRO yesterday about neighborhoods on their way up – Linwood Avenue and the Kleinhans Community (two of my favorites). In response to both stories a commenter (Spandrel) asked about seeing more affordable houses outside the 14222 area. Buffalo is loaded with amazing houses at unbelievably low prices – I believe we are still the most affordable in the nation, although as our secret is getting out that is changing pretty rapidly. In the mean time – we still have hidden gems everywhere.
The house pictured here (211 14th street) is an excellent example. A few members of the West Side Community Collaborative (WSCC) recently pooled their efforts to purchase and rehab this property. It was purchased for $10,000 and, due to all the volunteer labor, we are reselling it within the next couple of weeks for only $13,000 – sorry folks we already have a buyer. The goal of this project was to pick up an inexpensive problem property in a highly visible area, restore it to make a positive neighborhood statement, then resell it at cost to a first-time homeowner to help stabilize the block (market value on this one post-restoration is probably closer to $30,000). This is part of the WSCC’s nationally recognized block by block process. An amazing little house like this, in a fast rising neighborhood, for only $10,000 – only in Buffalo…..

This property is located on the corner of 14th and Connecticut, right around the corner from the new restaurant being opened by Mark Supples (of Jimmy Mac and Mothers fame), is only a half block from Connecticut street townhouses selling for between $75,000 and $80,000 (which were selling for around $25,000 just a couple of years ago), across the street from one of Connecticut Street’s many beautiful community gardens, and is only two blocks from 16th Street (the heart of the Garden Walk garden district). It’s also a half block from the Greater Buffalo Savings Bank new-build, and just a few blocks from the $11 Million D’Youville dorms. [See previous posts on the Connecticut Street neighborhood below].
Although this one has already been sold (it only took a week and a half), there are several more in this neighborhood that are still available – many of them aren’t even on the open market yet. Over the next few weeks we’ll take Spandrel’s advice and post some “cheap, cool, house of the week” stuff. I’ll help with some of the West Side area – I hope others will provide similar insights into Buffalo’s other amazing neighborhoods.
Drop me a line at if you can’t wait for the future posts to get in on some of the West Side bargains – but we’re really looking to fill these houses with homeowners so no investors please unless your plan is to fix them up and resell to a homeowner. The WSCC will also continue picking them up ourselves and rehabbing them at no profit for some of the amazing low-income renters in the area – so in the very near future you can expect a wonderful economically diverse neighborhood full of homeowners.
And you can contact me at the same email if you want to help with the WSCC’s efforts (crime abatement, greening, youth, diversity, housing, economic development, etc.).
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