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The Thing with Joe McPhee @ Soundlab

Free Jazz ecstasy meets the intensity of Garage Rock. The Thing blends the
spontaneity and imagination of classic free jazz with the emotional
immediacy of underground garage rock. With acoustic traditional jazz
instrumentation, the three young Scandinavians can match the power of the
fiercest rock band. The Thing’s repertoire consists of 60’s era new-jazz
(Don Cherry, Ayler, James Blood Ulmer, David Murray) and reinterpretations
of underground rock classics (PJ Harvey, White Stripes, Sonics). This is no
watered down jazz-rock. The Thing take the most uncompromising aspects of
both genres and turn up the heat.

The Thing are joined by living legend Joe McPhee. The American
multi-instrumentalist is a veteran of the 60’s New York “Fire Music” that is
at the heart of The Thing. In his lyrical and soulful playing lies the true
cry of the blues. McPhee is one of the most in-demand artists in Jazz and an
authentic and vital messenger of its radical avant-garde.
The Players:

  • Mats Gustafsson – Sonic Youthis Thurston Moore once described Mats as ithe most modern of players where the genre tags of jazz, noise, experimental, avant-whatever are finally transcended to a new millenniumowhere compositional concepts are at once in check with open improvisation and a super-modernism what we always wanted: rock & rolli. Mats is currently Sweden’s and perhaps Europe’s most well-known artist within free improvised music. He has established himself as a saxophonist with a broad repertoire of extended techniques on level with Evan Parker and John Butcher. Matsi list of collaborators is impressive; Jim OiRourke, Barry Guy, Paul Lovens, Han Bennink, The Ex, Fugaziis Guy Picciotto, Peter Brotzmann, David Grubbs, Hamid Drake, Ken Vandermark and many more. In addition to the Thing, Mats is a regular member of GUSH, The Peter Brotzmann Tentet, Aaly Trio, Diskaholics Anonymous etc.
  • Bassist Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten and drummer Paal Nilssen Love are considered to be Norwayis heaviest rhythm section. Both are graduates of Norwayis prestigious Trondheim Musical Conservatory. They have played in numerous settings and have performed and recorded with the likes of Pat Metheny, Evan Parker, Wibutee, Peter Brotzmann, and many others. Both are members of School Days with Ken Vandermark, the Scorch Trio and Atomic who won last years Norwegian Grammy award for best jazz album.
  • Joe McPhee – The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD calls Joe McPhee “one of the most consistently impressive and adventurous composer/instrumentalists in the music industry.” McPhee, as with many visionary American artists, enjoys wide acclaim in Europe. A Jazz renegade whose visions were forged in the fires of the 1960’s free-jazz underground and honed by a lifetime of experiences, Joe is featured on numerous recordings on a wide assortment of prestigious labels such as Hat Art, Atavistic, CIMP, Deep Listening, OKKA, Leo and many others.
    • Saturday, November 26 @ 8p.m.
      Presented by Hallwalls and Resurrection Music
      at SOUNDLAB
      110 Pearl St.

Written by George Johnson

George Johnson

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