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Nobody Likes Getting Thrown Under The Bus

nobody likes getting thrown under a bus.jpg
Alex Halavai came to my attention via Alan’s post on BuffaloPundit. Alex is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Graduate Director of Informatics at UB and a “blogologist”. Last night I finally had a chance to visit his blog and found among some really insightful posts and links about blogging this comment left by P. Hensen:

I wondered what you thought of Buffalo Rising. Do you consider it a blog?

Itis pretty and I go a few times a day. They certainly know how to generate buzz. Theyire a magazine and theyire almost too media savvy, too commercially focussed.
And whatis with all the pictures. The contributor Figmo is a really good writer but I donit consider him a blogger. Heis a little too much of a smart mouth. And he can be really snarky and cruel about points of view he disagrees with.
But everyone seems to be talking about them.
They also donit have a blogroll as if theyire the only ones who count.
And all they do is write about cool things in Buffalo. They donit even acknowledge the suburbs and they donit talk about the real problems in Buffalo. If you didnit know any better, youid think from reading Buffalo Rising that Buffalo is a nice place to live.
Theyire so full of themselves.
What do you think?

Well, P. Hensen, I have a few thoughts. I think you’ve got your panties all in a bunch because what we’re doing doesn’t fit your pedantic notion of blogs or preconceived ideas about Buffalo. And I think your rambling, incoate post just made my day.
But I’m just a cruel, intolerant blogger manquE with a smart mouth and a swollen head. I wonder what our readers think.

Written by George Johnson

George Johnson

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