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Niagara Street Now Workshops

Buffalonians are chomping at the bit to see a newly redesigned and fully implemented Niagara Street, stretching from Niagara Square to Ontario Street. There are so many different components that make up the street, each with its own diversity, composition, and unique assets.

As much as you might assume that the plans for Niagara Street are set in stone, they are not (at least from Porter Avenue to Ontario Street). The community is being given an opportunity to engage the process, to transform the street in ways that will help to turn this final stretch into aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian blocks. We can create unique areas that are tied together in sensitive and smart manners – areas the take into consideration the street’s proximity to the waterfront, and the historic neighborhoods that intersect along the way.

We also have a chance to create a place, where design accentuates the infrastructure, and the street’s urban fabric takes into account bikes, pedestrians, trees, gardens, seating, art and lighting. The community is invited to participate in planning exercises that will determine the future landscape of the street.

At this time, the Department of Public Works and the Buffalo Sewer Authority have embarked upon the construction of Niagara Street from Niagara Square to Porter Avenue. We’re hoping of the best on that section. I’m not sure why we never embarked upon similar exercises for that part of Niagara Street?

Moving forward, the organization Niagara Street Now will be leading the effort to engage the community to participate in a series of workshops that will help to mold the stretch between Porter Avenue to Ontario Street. The workshops will also take into account the intersection of Ferry and Niagara, extending to Robert Rich Way (Foot of Ferry), and its relationship with the Broderick Park, the Shoreline Trail, and the International Railroad Bridge.

There’s also the critical intersection at Niagara and Tonawanda that must be taken into account. The intersection is in close proximity to Deyowenoguhdoh Island (or Unity Island). Tonawanda Street also connects Niagara Street to Amherst Street. Not to mention Riverkeeper’s new waterfront park which is underway close by. Just think of all of the significant properties that have changed hands on Niagara Street, and the new developments that are underway – it’s certainly an exciting time re-envision Niagara Street as another viable commercial street in Buffalo, not simply as a thoroughfare for cars.

Now it’s our turn to get creative, and give our input. According to Niagara Street Now:

Workshops are scheduled for deeper discussion on how Niagara St should look in the future. These will be Open House style, so feel free to stop by for a quick visit or stay longer for discussion. You can register for the workshops here.

Workshops are scheduled for:

Tuesday, February 16th, 6pm – 8pm, Room 111 at D’Youville College’s College Center (329 Porter Ave.)
Wednesday, February 17th, 6pm – 8pm, Riverside Institute of Technology (51 Ontario St.)
Thursday, February 18th, 6pm – 8pm, Rich Products (1 Robert Rich Way – at W. Ferry and Niagara St.)


Written by queenseyes


Newell Nussbaumer is ‘queenseyes’ – Eyes of the Queen City and Founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. Co-founder Powder Keg Festival that built the world’s largest ice maze (Guinness Book of World Records). Instigator behind Emerald Beach at the Erie Basin Marina. Co-created Flurrious! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. Instigator behind Saturday Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside. Founder of The Peddler retro and vintage market. Instigator behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws The Witches Ball at The Hotel @ The Lafayette, and the Madd Tiki Winter Luau. Other projects: Navigetter.

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  • jvgriffis

    Champing. Horses don’t chomp on their bits.

    Another really industrial slice of Buffalo slowly coming around, it’s such an attractive street from a geography perspective.

  • RaChaCha

    Great pic of this section of Niagara Street currently on display at CEPA member’s exhibit:

  • RaChaCha

    jvgriffis Good catch, champ.

  • Eve Navarre

    Would be interested, but hey — how about knocking out SOME of the dismal buildings so we can see the lake? And if any residential or business district happens there, how will our safety be looked after? A whole LOT of back lots and blight, man.

  • No_Illusions

    Now if only they can cap the 190 and reactivate the section of the belt line.
    Alternatively, Commuter Rail service from the Falls with a few stops along Niagara also would work.

  • A-BuffaLover

    This is awesome. I love that buffalo is doing all of the street scapiNg. Niagara st, chIpewwa, allen….
    But it would be nice if they put some money in elmwood. Its been years since they did anything. The sidewalks and curbs are crumbling, the lights are from the 80’s. We literally have no street scaping. Everything that we do have was fundEd by the EVA.
    Yes, we need to fix up parts of the city, but a large percent of the tax base comes from around Elmwood/delaware. Shouldn’t we get something back.
    Again, i love thaT other neighborhoods are getting attention, but don’t forget about Us.

  • Andy Grace Rosevear

    We’d have to rip out the highway too, which I’d be all for.

  • Carrotflower

    Funnily enough, the walk from my house to the West Side Bazaar that I just got back from took me up Niagara Street as far as Hampshire, and I was just pondering how it should look when the redesign is done. I’d love to see one lane of traffic in each direction, a center island with trees, and a bike lane on each side. That stretch of Niagara is in dire need of traffic calming. It’s nothing to see cars going down that stretch at 45, 50 miles an hour.

  • Nickel_City

    Living right odf niagara on connecticut, its nice Seeing the community playing a paRt in what changes will be made. The streets need a lot of work and it needs to be more pedEstrian frIendly. The buildinns are sprucing up very nicely though

  • OldFirstWard

    Well lets see…
    How about the bridge replacement over the 198.
    All that development on various buildings and parcels up and down Elmwood. 
    Elmwood is doing just fine. Other streets have more pressing needs.

  • OldFirstWard

    Funny, I was thinking that people who support bars staying open until 4:30 am should not be looking to restrict traffic to one lane.  What did they call it, FREEDOM! Cars like to be happy and party too.

  • joeyd

    A-BuffaLover Typical, self righteous …EV dweller…its all about themselves…Every time I pick up a newspapar…there’s something going on  Elmwood Ave……development, restaurant openings , multiple use  & commercial conversions. Look around…

  • Black Rock Lifer

    The Niagara St corridor is arguably the most historic in the city and contains many interesting old buildings. This long overdue effort should dovetail nicely with the investments already underway and hopefully spur further interest.  
    The area of Niagara and West Ferry was once the center of the old Village of Upper Black Rock and the intersection of Niagara and Amherst was the heart of the old Village of Lower Black Rock. I would like to see these key intersections given extra attention to reflect the historic nature and of the area .

  • A-BuffaLover

    The bridge is Required, not street scaping.
    Everything else you mention is private development. My point is that the city has not doNe anything to street scape elmwood.

  • A-BuffaLover

    No need to attack. I wasnt attacking anyonE.
    I am not self rIghteous.
    My point is that All the development you mention is prIvate delevelopment. ThE City has all of these projects, but they dont put any money into eLmwood, eVen though we make up a larGe percent Of the tax base.

  • Carrotflower

    Those who want a multilane highway with a high speed limit can take the 190, which runs along the same basic trajectory.

  • Sarah Di Thomas

    There already IS a business and residential district there

  • Eve Navarre

    good to know….

  • BeardedBuffalonian

    Did you take that one out of the Matt Razzi handbook?

  • No_Illusions

    Nah, just other cities.