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Impacto to create infill in Cold Spring neighborhood

Eunice Lewin’s Impacto Consulting Associates (Impactful Connections and Solutions) is casting a wide development net north of the Medical Campus in the Cold Spring neighborhood. After obtaining neighborhood input, the Impacto team is moving forward with development plans that include 18, 19, 21, 35, 37, 50, 52, 55, 56 and 62 Edna, 102 Best, 73, 85, 89, 113 and 119 Dodge, and 1178 and 1188 Michigan Avenue.


Impacto has already been in front of Zoning Board for two vacant parcels of land – one at the corner of Dodge and Michigan, and another at the corner of Best and Elliott. The infill development will see 64 town-homes, a community center and a small amount of retail space built.

The project site is just north of the multi-phased Campus Square development.  Impacto is a consultant on that mixed-use project that is being spearheaded by Pilgrim Village owner Mark Trammel and McGuire Development.  As part of the redevelopment, ninety affordable townhome units on a nine-acre portion of the site would be replaced with over 400 new apartments in multiple buildings. New buildings are proposed to be inter-generational, mixed-income, and mixed use.  The first phase will be a six-story building with 152 units.

According to a Common Council agenda item designating Impacto developer of the City-owned lots, Impacto is seeking bond financing through the NYS Housing Finance Agency and/or the ECIDA with supplemental soft debt financing to be obtained through NYS Homes & Community Renewal. Permanent financing for the project will be obtained from private sources. Silvestri Architects is designing the project.

Impacto-Buffalo-NY-1 Impacto-Buffalo-NY-2


Impacto-Buffalo-NY-3 Impacto-Buffalo-NY-5





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  • arcmorris

    Fair. . . not great.

  • PaperTrail

    Terrible, not fair.

  • jvgriffis

    “Colored Elevation”? Is that racist?

  • buffalorr

    “Cold Springs” -nice to hear this neighborhood’s historic name being used rather than just the very generic all-encompassing “east side” moniker.

  • jvgriffis No comment

  • TL;DT (Too Long Didn’t Think)

    jvgriffis Sarcasm I hope?

  • TL;DT (Too Long Didn’t Think)

    So are these market (I prefer to call them reality rate) or are they low income (I prefer taking value away from my property to build for outrageous costs, someone elses)

  • LouisTully

    buffalorr Always thought it was just some random taxi name until I came across it in some history reading a while back.  I bet most people don’t realize.

  • micahh64

    TL;DT (Too Long Didn’t Think) 
    Actually, they’re the third option:  housing you would never in a million years live in (to the current residents’ everlasting grattitude)

  • TL;DT (Too Long Didn’t Think)

    micahh64 TL;DT (Too Long Didn’t Think) That’s true, I would live my own older house.  I wouldn’t live in these uninspired, likely hand-outs to special interests.  The area seems tolerable and certainly nice in the future.  Why don’t you go salivate over Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein or someone and leave behind the passive aggressive remarks for another occasion.

  • ElmwoodRulez

    Eunice Lewin has been a SUNY TRUSTEE since 2010.

  • BeardedBuffalonian

    So now there’s a Cold Springs neighborhood? SMH

  • LouisTully

    BeardedBuffalonian Are you on drugs?  Are you being serious?  It’s one of the oldest monikers for a neighborhood in this city.  You’re starting to convince me you should be in a class with OFW.

  • BeardedBuffalonian
    SMH back at ya.

  • LouisTully

    BeardedBuffalonian Here ya go.  From my lunchtime reading:
    “This started to change in the 1850s with the introduction of an omnibus line of horse-drawn streetcars.  The original line ran up Main Street from the docks to what was known as the Cold Spring District, near Ferry.”
    Everyone’s just making up names for neighborhood out of thin air.  Elmwood Village, West Village, Cold Springs!

  • noticed that buildings a & b have two entrances. does that make them two-flats?

  • BeardedBuffalonian
    apart from the fact that cold spring has been known as such for over 150 years, what is so god-awful bad about anyone floating new neighborhood nicknames?

  • Northbuff


  • Northbuff

    Great… not excellent.