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Historic East Side Development Project is a No Brainer

A gorgeous circa 1866 building located at 142 Archie Street on the city’s East Side is heading in the right direction. The 11,000 square foot structure will be developed into a mix of residential and office by CSS Construction. The conversion will be completed at a cost of $1,200,000.

Archie Street is just six blocks from Michigan Avenue – a street that will one day be an integral connection point between the Medical Campus and the waterfront. This is a significant historic development project, in that it moves the boundary line where investors have been stuck for years. Seeing an investment of this nature, on an obscure East Side street, should help to awaken interest on other structures around this area. There is also huge potential for new builds around this property.

As the historic building stock continues to dry up on the West Side and Downtown, the East Side will be the next natural place to explore and invest, as we are starting to see. And that’s a good thing, considering that the East Side constitutes half of the city’s geography.

The purchase of this particular building is a no brainer. It’s stunning, and will one day be an anchor of the neighborhood.

Sponsor: CSS Construction
Project: $1,200,000
Architect: Carmina Wood Morris
Completion: Fall 2015


Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • RaChaCha

    Nothing here to disagree with — it will be great to have this building preserved & reused.
    But since this reads like an opinion piece, shouldn’t the byline be the name of the actual author?
    Just sayin’.

  • OldFirstWard

    Meanwhile, at 68 Sycamore St. just west of Michigan Ave, a fire caused extensive damage to the beautiful pre Civil War Federal Style building at 68 Sycamore St. It would be an absolute tragedy to lose this building.  These two buildings are probably some of the last surviving row houses that exist on the outer downtown core limits.
    The owner of building is 68-72 Sycamore LLC led by Nancy Singh.  The same Nancy Singh who owned the old Royal Pheasant building at 443 Forest Ave. that was being used as a boarding house before it was destroyed by a fire in February of 2013.  It was demolished on February 3, 2014. 
    68 Sycamore St. is the building to the left. 72 Sycamore St. is the building on the right and is also owned by the Nancy Singh LLC listed above.

  • David Steele

    Hope they save those original doors

  • OldFirstWard

    David Steele
    I hope they save the building.  I drove by tonight and for a look, the facade is fully intact but you can see the char on the lintels on the first floor.  I need to stop by during the day for a closer look. 
    I believe the photo credit belongs to you from the PRS website but the edit time expired before I could finish.  Anyways, best current photo of the buildings that I could find. Any idea of a construction date?  What style would you classify the building on the right?

  • Carrotflower

    I hope they preserve the ghost sign. Too many of those are lost when buildings like this get redeveloped (case in point: southwest corner of Main and Ferry).

  • Stateofmind

    Stop tearing down the East Side, Byron, and more of this will happen (but, then again, maybe that’s why they are clear cutting the ES–they don’t want this. It doesn’t allow for the construction of new, shiny final W. Seneca-style homes.)

  • LouisTully

    I thought the same after a ride up Broadway.  There’s a lot of great old buildings, albeit dispersed and surrounded by emptiness.  But it’s an opportunity to create an appeal of historic restoration and new building.

  • Buffalo1985

    This is great to see investment in a long ignored part of the city. Only thing I’m wondering about is why is the price tag so low. Doesn’t seem like you could re do that whole building for such a small amount.

  • Black Rock Lifer

    OldFirstWard These two buildings are among the very oldest in the city and are rare survivors along the Michigan Ave corridor. Both buildings are outstanding examples of Buffalo’s earliest period of growth and deserve to be protected and restored. 
    In the 1970’s the Oak/Elm/Michigan area still contained many early brick homes and commercial buildings. The neighborhood contained hundreds of structures, many were similar to 68 and 72 Sycamore. The area was demolished wholesale, a relatively small number of suburban style buildings replaced this once densely built neighborhood.

  • Black Rock Lifer

    Great building that is remarkably intact, these are rare, good to see this one getting done. Just a few years ago this type of project was unlikely, we are finally starting to see investment in our unique and irreplaceable building stock and more importantly in areas that have been written off for far too long.

  • Black Rock Lifer

    OldFirstWard David Steele Both 68 and 72 Sycamore appear to be originally built in the Greek Revival style during the 1840’s.  It is also possible they are updated examples of the Federal style (1830’s) or even late examples of the Greek Revival (1850’s). My gut feeling is they are likely of earlier construction.

  • Just as a small correction and with due respect to our colleagues at CV3, the actual Architect, Engineer and Interior Designer is Carmina Wood Morris, DPC. 

  • Doug E Fresh

    Just curious,
    What would the plan entail in terms of actually getting people to the building. Also, how do neighborhood residents feel?
    The location (yes, I used google maps, I’m an expat) of the building seems to sit on what is essentially an alleyway, with Walnut street on the other side being purely residential. Will the empty lot to the back of the building be used for parking?

  • bruce beyer
  • LouisTully

    bruce beyer You mean the building you own.

  • bruce beyer

    Duh!  Is that a problem?

  • RaChaCha

    bruce beyer Love that building! (But I’m not in the market.)

  • RaChaCha

    scarmina I’ve heard of that firm. I understand they’ve been doing outstanding work on Niagara Street 😉

  • runner68

    Doug E Fresh Who cares what they think? They don’t own the land anyways. I’m sure they would be happy to see someone investing in their long-forgotten neighborhood. Why must people on this site feel so entitled to tell developers and people who actually invest in the city what to do with what they own? I can understand if it negatively impacts a neighborhood such as if its demolition of a historic structure or a large parking lot on  a street such as Elmwood…But not Walnut Street…

  • Doug E Fresh

    runner68 Doug E Fresh
    lol take a chill pill, man.
    I’m just curious to see what they had thought of concerning things like car and pedestrian traffic, parking etc. The building looks great, no doubt, it’ll be interesting to see what else is considered when it comes to actually integrating it into its surroundings.

  • Tryin!

  • Sign stays

  • Doors will be restored and will remain “barn style”

  • OldFirstWard

    “Just as a small correction and with due respect to our colleagues at CV3, the actual Architect, Engineer and Interior Designer is Carmina Wood Morris, DPC.”
    How a writer get that information incorrect? 
    It’s good to see a firm with many recent large clients and projects able to accommodate the budget and needs of a smaller, more intimate project.

  • BFLO1

    Garage doors are nice .Will be great rebuilt ! Man doors and transoms too!

  • BFLO1

    In bflo if u want to go

  • GotAnyChange

    Not a problem at all Bruce. However, not much fun for us reno geeks. : ) looks great.