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Apartments Eyed for 347 E. Ferry Street

Creative Structures Services is looking to put 16 affordable housing units in the three-story Gateway Longview Family Resource Center at 347 E. Ferry Street.  Plans also call for first floor commercial space and an elevator addition.  It is unclear whether Gateway Longview is selling the 30,239 sq.ft. building.  The Gateway website says the facility is “closed for renovations.”

Creative Structures Services is familiar with the neighborhood.  The firm served as construction manager on a two building, six-unit townhouse project next door at 363 E. Ferry Street (bottom).  The $1.35 million project was spearheaded by Second Chance Ministries and is a women’s facility.

The E. Ferry project is on next Tuesday’s packed Planning Board agenda that also includes:

• The first phase of Campus Square by McGuire Development and Mark Trammel

• Demolition of Kaleida Medical Services Building ‘B’ at 3 Gates Circle

• Review of the draft environmental document for the Highland Park project

• Ellicott Development’s proposed mixed-use building on Ohio Street

• Conversion of much of the Roblin Building at 241 Main Street to a 49 car parking garage

• Further review of ambitious plans to redevelop the AM&A’s building at 377 Main Street


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  • 5to81allday

    those houses look atrocious

  • statastic

    5to81allday Is that it?

  • Northbuff

    The trees are nice.

  • greenca

    Why and how so?  They have no garages, they have porches, they’re compact row-style houses, very little in the way of a front yard, and it’s possible they’re Hardie-sided rather than vinyl-sided.   Please explain what exactly is atrocious about them.  Or does one must say any new house built in the city is atrocious just to maintain your hipness and urban cred?

  • BLoRisin

    5to81allday Be prepared for more new builds in the city.  They’re coming.

  • is that building on e. a former ymca?  if so, a few athletic facilities (pool, gym) could be a real draw.

  • KevinRyan1


  • MichaelJarosz

    See if there is a cornerstone……..

  • grad94 It is.

  • buffalorr

    Yes, but they’re preventing the houses from being built to the curb!

  • JPGarrett

    I’m actually pretty disappointed in this news. Many members of the community, my community, used to get together there and play jazz. I do miss the full sets of trumpet, saxophone, and trombone section within a 7 minute walk from my home… Bilal fought hard to keep us in there, but money did what money does.

  • greenca

    Would it be better for the building to sit empty?

  • JPGarrett

    greenca If you’re trying to be snide, don’t. I did not say, nor imply that the building should remain empty. My stance on what the building should be used for has clearly been conveyed. 
    But, if you’d like for me to go along with your asinine and unnecessary question; no, the building would not be better used empty… It would be better used for what it was already used for. My opinion, of course.

  • greenca

    It seems that the former use of the building unfortunately ran its course, which is why it’s being re-purposed into housing. Yes, it’s sad for the people who once utilized the building for its former use, but there probably wasn’t enough “demand” to keep it open. Many buildings go through this cycle. I am not making light of your sadness, just pointing out that the only constant in life is change. (This holds true for the many churches which have closed on the past 50 years. If I had a connection with the building, I’d be happy that it is being reused rather than demolished.)

  • JPGarrett

    There was demand, there wasn’t a boatload of money. It was a community center that ran off of donors and grants, which paid the bills – but didn’t make the owner rich. A sale of the building was more lucrative, so the guy chose profit over people. Qué sera sera, I guess.

  • statastic


  • JPGarrett

    Who said that? It’s a matter of numbers. 16 housing units or hundreds of youth and adults finding fun, and security at an accessible venue… I find helping the whole community to be of more virtue than adding MORE affordable housing to an already “affordable” city.

  • MarcRebmann

    E ferry st, a notoriously expensive neiborhood.

  • Northbuff

    buffalorr You’re joking right? Houses built to the curb. These are not commercial structures with first floor retail.
    LOL, just what anyone would want a house with the porch next to the street, talk about easy drop offs.

  • Matt Marcinkiewicz

    greenca Callous set of replies.

  • agross7

    JPGarrett, the first floor is actually going to remain as a community center, with the pool and gym open for public use.  The apartments will be only on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

  • JPGarrett

    agross7 Good stuff! Thanks for letting me know after all this time, I really appreciate it.