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Goodbar has a second floor?

By Josh Potter:

Everyone who lives in Buffalo and has had a beer, knows Mr. Goodbar (1110 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY.) If you don’t, where have you been, in a coma? I won’t tell you how Breaking Bad ends, if that’s the case. Mr. Goodbar (or as most who frequent the Elmwood Village establishment refer to it as, “Goodbar”) was established in 1968 and has become a linchpin in many a night out. Despite its familiarity around Buffalo, there are still a lot of people who don’t realize Goodbar has an UPSTAIRS! That’s right, a whole second floor show room with a stage and bar of its own. Did you know? If not, it’s okay. Because it just got a WHOLE lot better.

I’ve been going to Goodbar since I was of age to drink in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2010, when Goodbar started having a comedy open-mic out of the 2nd floor, that I was made aware of this amazing space. Since then, along with Mark Walton, I have produced a handful of comedy shows in the venue with headliners who have been on Letterman, MTV, Comedy Central and more. It’s also an awesome music venue and has allowed Goodbar to have acts from Buffalo and beyond play both downstairs AND upstairs.

MR-Goodbar-Buffalo-NY-2In 2014 Goodbar is taking the 2nd floor showroom to another level. Renovations and improvements include improvements to the bar, added shelving to accommodate more of a liquor selection, taps (8 total, which always will include one Flying Bison and one CBW.) Improvements to the stage have been made, too. Everything has been redone from cosmetics to technology, in order to accommodate more elaborate musical acts.

There’s already a host of happenings on the 2nd floor of Goodbar with live music every Saturday night. There’s been the addition of a weekly karaoke night, every Wednesday at 10pm. Bobby (Goodbar’s owner) is looking to do some incredible things in the future such as monthly craft beer challenges and monthly beer dinners to showcase his culinary expertise as learned at Paul Smith’s.

As a comedian in this city who has performed on 99% of the stages offered to the art form, Goodbar has allowed me the ability to learn and grow by providing the city’s purest “open mic.” Comedy hopefuls and pros alike can show up to “Uncle Jerry’s Comedy Attic” on Sunday nights at 8pm, sign up on a list at the bar, and do five minutes in front of a crowd. It’s been amazing for me to be able to go there and try something new, something weird, or reform an old joke.

A lot of people doing comedy in this city have cut their teeth in the 2nd floor showroom of Goodbar. Without the opportunity, the comedy scene in this city would be stunted. Thank you to Bobby and the staff of Goodbar for supporting comedy these past 4 years as well as their ongoing support of this city’s musical talent. Do yourself a favor and start taking a trip upstairs the next time you’re in Goodbar.

Mr. Goodbar | 1110 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222 | (716) 882-4000


Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • LouisTully

    I’ve been there for a stag.  It’s a cool space.
    Is Part II of this series called “Brick Bar has a second floor”?
    I wish they’d do something with it other than display some kewl neons and cardboard cutouts.  I’ve been told there’s places on the upper levels that don’t even have a floor.  I’m sure they rake in plenty to repair and expand their operations.  I’m even more sure they at least rake in enough to repair a tattered awning, patio in disrepair, and a broken gate that’s supposed to conceal their overflowing trash.

  • TheFacePuncher

    Indeed it does. My stag was there.

  • Woods79

    They used to do an open mic up there on Wednesdays I think and the place would fill up. Best part is that the semi permanent satellite bar up there actually poured Ithaca! Leave it to Bobby Rabb probably the best bar owner who receives the least attention in town.

  • Woods79

    I was referring to a music open mic for clarification and the current bar/tap setup has obviously been upgraded, but it was just so funny that the old bar on wheels where youd think the bartender would be running pitchers of Rock up there was pouring the good stuff.

  • GeorgeSummers

    I don’t believe in Mr. Goodbar.

  • reggdunn

    I saw DRI and the Meat Puppets up there when I was underage in the late 80s. Goodtimes.

  • bounceback

    One of my major gripes with places like Goodbar is being greeted by a large, rude man asking for my ID (and often times $5 for some shitty band I’m not there to see anyway). I’m almost 35 years old and do not look a day younger. I understand they have a job to do, but you won’t have someone getting in your face at many other places on Elmwood. Whatever happened to asking for ID when you order your drink?

  • Woods79

    Nothing can sink a business like heat from underage drinking. They take it pretty seriously there, I know the people there and they wouldn’t even let my 20 yo cousin be our driver when we played there one night. The bouncer gig gets old anywhere once you get into your 30s. A 23 yo cement head giving you the eye and looking fierce. Just part of the business I guess. It’s worth putting up with at Goodbar in my opinion. It’s not like its Gabels. Goodbar is also huge so the potential for meathead trouble necessitates an equal and contrary show of meathead force.