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Bailey Avenue Partners Kick Off Day to Highlight Business Growth and Discuss Future Improvements

The Bailey Avenue Association (BAA) will be escorting business owners, council members, and other interested parties down Bailey Avenue tomorrow, October 9th at 2pm at the Uptown Theatre, 3163 Bailey Avenue for their Partners Kick Off day. The event will showcase improvements and business growth along the prominent commercial strip. Additionally, members of the BAA will announce new partnerships and focus on bringing more positive change to the neighborhood.

Stakeholders in the community such as the UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Villa Maria College, “Say Yes to Education” students, the University Heights Collaborative, the Tool Library, and many others will be in attendance. Common Council members Richard Fontana, Demone Smith, and Bonnie Russell will all be present as the neighborhood falls into three different districts. The whole group will walk several blocks Bailey Avenue noting various partnerships brining new life to the neighborhood and pointing out where the area still needs to improve. All are welcome to attend and offer any ideas they may have on how to continue the improvements in the neighborhood and bring in additional businesses. Check out this link for a previous post about the efforts on Bailey Avenue. For additional photos of Bailey Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood, click here for my Ipernity album.

Written by Mike Puma

Mike Puma

Writing for Buffalo Rising since 2009 covering development news, historic preservation, and Buffalo history. Works professionally in historic preservation.

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  • micahh64

    “members of the BAA will announce new partnerships and focus on bringing more positive change to the neighborhood.”
    Good to hear.  Hopefully, this encourages development throughout the East Side.

  • Ivan putski jr

    Man I spent many a night back in the early nineties pounding cheap beer on Bailey…Jimmy J’s, Wurzburger HOF….Joselle’s Big Stanky Lounge…good times for sure…just watch your wallet when leaving at the end of the night or you’ll get bum rushed for sure…hit Steakalicious on the way home

  • amera

    I live right off of Bailey and Kensington. Clean up the 4 corners. The two buildings on the northside are stunning but completely misused. How many cars wait at those street corners checking out the buildings? I would start there. Plus, it’s one of the busiest street corners in that neighborhood. A lot of college students go to 99 Pho and placing a business in eye shot would certainly attract them.
    If I had it my way, I would hang out, have coffee, catch a movie, go to an arcade, maybe watch a few street musicians and spend a good chunk of the day there. Instead I drive my car even if I’m going down the block.
    I’ve said this before but Bailey Ave below South Campus is perfect for a european style outdoor/indoor market. Portland, OR has transformed several of their streets via strategic city planning. 15 years ago the street was infested with boarded up windows, roaming gangs, drive-bys, and squatters. Now, they’re a major consumer hub for young professionals.

  • NewBuffalo

    Bailey Ave. has so much potential to be a ‘destination’ again.

  • NewBuffalo

    Bailey STILL has issues with gangs and drive-bys. That’s why most people avoid this area.

  • NewBuffalo It is, kind of, in the same way that Jefferson Avenue was in the 1960s –
    the city’s main African American-oriented shopping district.  Bailey
    Avenue in Kensington doesn’t have many vacant storefronts.  However,
    most of the businesses that are there have only a limited appeal to a
    more general population. 
    Bailey Avenue has what is perhaps the
    city’s highest concentration of income tax preparation businesses.  They
    zap a lot of life from the street; most only operate a few months out
    of the year.

  • Cam33r4

    Bailey has so much potential because of its proximity to UB South…  I’d love to see this become like an Amherst St, which has really gotten a lot of momentum over the past couple years!

  • David Steele

    Baily looks like a good candidate for a road diet


    NewBuffalo South Central New York but no Compton?


    micahh64 thats not the east side