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Intercity regatta anyone?

I am probably not the only one to have thought of this, but how about a regatta from Buffalo to Cleveland or Buffalo to Detroit?

What might be really interesting is to have a buoy at major cities on Lake Erie like Erie (PA), Cleveland, Sandusky (OH) or Point Pelee (CA), Toledo then each of those cities would get a tourist attraction as the boats race passed their waterfront.

Plus if all those cities are involved, then sponsors from each of those cities can donate to the prize.

It doesn’t matter whether the race begins in Buffalo or ends in Buffalo though the city where the race ends will certainly get the majority of tourism and media attention [maybe it switches yearly].

No other Great Lakes cities can do it. There are too few major cities on Huron, Superior, Michigan, Ontario. Rochester to Toronto or Toronto to Chicago to Milwaukee wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic. They are only a few miles apart.

I don’t know about anyone else, but does this idea as legs?

-M. Kotter


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  • le80

    Yep someone has already thought of this on a smaller scale (with Sailboats).  It’s quite the party!  – 

  • matthew ricchiazzi

    I’m surprised that the Great Lakes isn’t a more popular summer tourist destination. There are New England / Canada cruises that have the same climate, similar landscape, rockier beaches, smaller cities, and fewer destinations.
    On the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Seaway, we have Buffalo/Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Cleveland, Sandusky, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Green Bay, Thunder Bay….. a whole bunch of beach towns in Michigan, a national park on Lake Superior, and an enormous amount of both history and lore.
    Why not strike a deal with a cruise ship company, build them a Pier/Terminal, and position ourselves as the Cape Canaveral of the Great Lakes?
    The sheer population of the region ensures that there will be a seasonal summer market for Great Lakes cruises. We could probably market them to people who live in Arizona, Texas, and Florida, as a way to escape the oppressive heat waves they get hit with.

  • hockeyhips83

    actually, there are races that go from city to city.   although they’re generally completed within the day.  
    there are “cruises” when clubs go together as fleets from their harbor to other harbors.  

    this really isn’t anything new of an idea.

  • captaindoug

    your link did not work. Then there are:  this one won by a buffalo boat this year.

  • Ivan putski jr

    I miss those jetski races from Crawdaddy’s to Sunset Set beach…totally awesome

  • Ivan putski jr

    MrKotterImsoconfused matthew ricchiazzi a one week vacation on Lake Erie? Do you really think that’s what people want?…B.V.I in the winter…Toledo and Dunkirk in the summer…

  • andybflo

    Took my thought… The Erie/Dover regatta annually does this. But it’s usually sailboats; so the cost of gas isn’t an issue. Though they do have a “motoring” class in case you’re not into sailing it for various reasons.

  • andybflo

    AndoreaPuis hockeyhips83

    It’s not really that type of Regatta. We’re not talking America’s Cup; it’s relatively boring unless you;re participating. 12 knots is killing it in a “normal” sailboat (Even most J-Class boats); that’s 15 or 16 mph on the shore. AKA, Boring.
    Not only that; this is lovingly nicknamed “Beer Can Racing” by a few of th participants from my club; basically, it’s a 5-day party. A great opportunity to kill yourself during the day, Grill something, drink a ton, shake it off and race again the next day.
    Really fun for the participants; not a great sight-seeing or TV event….

  • hockeyhips83

    AndoreaPuis hockeyhips83 It’s not that kind of regatta. Plus, people who get THAT into sail boat racing are well, quite annoying. They take ALL the fun out of the races. WHO cares if it’s televised.  ugh. once it becomes all about tourism and making money for an area, the entire appeal is lost.  

    People who participate and travel for regattas do it because they enjoy it and the parties, not for the fame or the tourism.  Sailors will spend most of their time in the harbor after races partying, not touring around the town or city they’re in.

  • hockeyhips83

    andybflo AndoreaPuis hockeyhips83 this… THIS RIGHT HERE.  
    Sail racing takes a specific breed of people. For instance while walking my dogs yesterday at the waterfront I spent hours watching the J22 “fleet” from BYC race all morning, that would be extremely boring to most people, but to a select few people it’s exciting. damn I need to buy myself a boat.  
    As a sailor, last thing I would want to see is regattas blow up and become sold out to ESPN.  not that it would be cool but I don’t believe Buffalo needs those sorts of people around her.

  • andybflo

    Mark Wallis hockeyhips83 andybflo AndoreaPuis 

    Mark; it’s truly not an exciting spectator sport for most people. And that’s OK.
    I’m not saying we don’t want those people around here. People that know about sailing respect Erie; and the clubs on the lake.  I’m a member at BCC, and can’t tell you how many people love coming here or Ontario and sailing. We’ve hosted many international regattas; and will be doing so again in ’15. 
    But, again, it’s not a television friendly sport. And ESPN coverage (or the like) won’t make someone move here.
    It wasn’t what brought me here, and it was something I discovered after moving here. It *IS* one of the reasons (Of many) that I refuse to leave, though.
    hockeyhips83, if you’re ever looking for a boat, we can always use a tailer and/or rail meat on Thursday nights!

  • NYC5475

    If it’s the full length, of Buffalo-Detroit, then absolutely!