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Bistro Europa’s Move to Connecticut Street- First Stop, Planning Board

Bistro Europa’s move from Elmwood Avenue to Connecticut Street is on.  The Buffalo Planning Board will be reviewing plans to expand the restaurant’s future home at 365-67 Connecticut Street at its meeting on September 24.  Steve and Ellen Gedra’s Anita Hope LLC purchased the former Golden Key Tavern from Sonia DiPasquale on August 1 for $263,000.

The 17’ x 30’ rear addition will add kitchen and dining space to the building.  The new location that will seat fifty is expected to open next year and will sport a new name.  The new Bistro Europa will add to the revival of Connecticut Street and is a half block east of the recently-completed Horsefeather’s Market and Residences.


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Buffalo and development junkie currently exiled in California.

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  • GotAnyChange

    Nice! Horsefeathers is amazing.

  • buffalorr

    A loss for Elmwood but glad to see Connecticut St. on the way up. Hertel is also doing very well and I believe Main St. from Summer to Court St. will be the next hot spot due to removal of the pedestrian mall and construction in the medical corridor. Buildings on Main are being purchased after having been empty for so long. As nice as Elmwood is, I’m glad it’s no longer the “only game in town” so to speak that you can take visitors to for a meal, shopping and people watching. Another example of Buffalo’s renaissance.

  • micahh64

    Would be nice if they kept the original signage and moldings — perhaps they could, and etched the name “Bistro Europa” in gold lettering on the big picture window?

  • 16thStreet

    Awe man! That was THE last place you could smoke AND pet a cat that walked the length of the bar.
    Oh well, Bistro Europa has great Polish food so all is well!

  • jstraubinger

    Great restaurant and great move. Any idea who’s taking their space on Elmwood? Is their move at all caused by one of those gready Elmwood landlords who jack up their rents too high  when they have a successful tenant?

  • buffalofalling

    Another sign of gentrification… And a signal that rents are unsustainable and a correct is needed to find an equilibrium. But hey, maybe a gourmet water shop can open.

  • obbitz

    A magnificent building, and delighted to see them heading “west of Richmond”.

  • RaChaCha

    I wonder to what degree we might see more restaurants and retail migrate from Elmwood to West Side streets.  Hey, with what you’re paying in rent to a landlord, you might be able to buy your own building, cheap — or even a cluster — and perhaps even an adjacent lot for either off-street parking or outdoor seating.
    Perhaps that’s a Biniskiewicz question.

  • OldFirstWard

    Now this is a gorgeous building with a facade full of character.  Full framed windows and some brilliantly detailed brickwork.  Nice color scheme pulls it all together.  The brick patina is just magnificent.
    I’m more excited about the building than the restaurant.  Any history on the building?  The only bad thing about the picture is the weeds and those overgrown trees on the left, probably a crappy sumac.   That stoop and sidewalk are fixable minor distractions.

  • RaChaCha

    In the 1890s, this building was a branch store of George F. Hedge, Son & Co., a piano dealer.  So “key” is a theme in this building’s story from early on, up to the present 🙂

  • Spock1

    buffalofalling Sounds like one of BR’s more vocal armchair economists would like to have it both ways.
    You can’t cite “the market” when cheering negative events (demos, vacancy etc) then whine about supposed “gentrification” when the rising tide of Elmwood lifts boats nearby.
    If “the market” is going to be celebrated when giving high minded lectures cheering the bad, than it ought to be celebrated when good things happen, no matter how resentful you are of bistros and gourmet water shops.  

    Or you could simplify things by saying you’d rather not people invest in places like Elmwood and Connecticut, and just leave “the market” out of it.

  • Spock1 
    for what it is worth, i didn’t read buffalofalling’s remark as disapproval of gentrification or a rent correction.

  • jiminycricket

    Such awful news. I loved the Golden Key.

  • Cam33r4

    Great news for Connecticut St and the Westside!!!

  • Michael DiPasquale

    Love the building and the color scheme, but as part of my plan to remove the color blue from the built environment, I’m not happy about the garish blue bike rack.

  • ninohuong

    Michael DiPasquale really?  that’s your complaint?  I really hope you’re being facetious and I just got sucked in.

  • ninohuong

    jstraubinger correct sir or madam.  elmwood will slowly become dormant as other vibrant areas sprout up….blackrock, riverside, hertel, connecticut street.

  • Michael DiPasquale

    ninohuong Michael DiPasquale 
    That’s my complaint. And I stand by it. That color of blue drives me mad. And I won’t be happy until it is obliterated completely from the built environment. Look out bus shelters and street signs. You’re on my list.

  • bluesribbon

    Michael DiPasquale ninohuong

  • bluesribbon

    Michael DiPasquale ninohuong 
    fire hydrants on Niagara Street were recently painted with blue tops. ugh!

  • micahh64

    “But hey, maybe a gourmet water shop can open.”
    And hey, maybe you should open it.  You do enough crying on these boards to produce most of the inventory yourself . . .

  • Spock1

    grad94  You may be right grad.  To me though, the “gourmet water” remark led me to believe otherwise.
    There’s also talk of the greater EV “correction,” which the haters have been hailing as imminent since the original version of this site.

  • HWA

    buffalofallingWhere does it say anywhere in this article that the owners
    of Bistro Europa are being pushed out of their current space unwillingly due to
    rising or as you say “unsustainable” rents? Is it possible they are relocating in
    order to have 1. Space they will own and not rent and 2. Significantly larger
    space, offering them the opportunity to expand? How do you get gentrification
    from that?

  • lafayette1985

    Great news for Bistro Europa and for Connecticut street.  Curious why they are changing their name, hopefully the food stays the same.  I hope that their location does not sit empty for long on Elmwood.  Elmwood needs to step up their game to remain competetive.  Other neighborhoods are catching up to, if not passing Elmwood.

  • BuffaloNewbie

    I’m new to the city, but Bistro Europa has captured my heart.  I love the intimacy, the quirky, endearing decor and the AWESOME farm-to-table-centric menu.  I like their music, I like the bartender, I like the pocket-sized kitchen behind a curtain – I like everything about it.  It doesn’t feel like anyplace else I’ve ever been – I feel like I am having an authentic, original experience every time I go.  It’s an automatic for date night.  Selfishly, I am really sad to see them leaving Elmwood – it’s a reasonable walk to its current location and I probably won’t walk to Connecticut, a major detraction – but I understand why they are interested in expanding.  But it’s the coziness that makes it so very special.  Can that be replicated in a space that accommodates 50?  If they’re dishing up food for a crowd that big, will – or can – the food still be as carefully and lovingly prepared as it is for the 15-20 they can seat in their current location?  I’m worried the answer is probably no.  Somebody should snap up that location fast – there is excellent foot traffic and people are accustomed to coming to that section of Elmwood for excellent dining options. Super selfishly, I wish they’d just stay put.  Or better yet, just open a second location!!

  • Michael DiPasquale  
    jeeze, do you know how lucky you are to have a bike rack?  i applied for one over two years ago for a commercial property and i am still waiting.  so paint the sucker mauve if you must.