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Med Campus Continues to Stir- Deal in Works to Add Hotel

The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is working on a deal to temporarily house Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) and a second firm in a building it would purchase from Krog Corp. at 847 Main Street while helping Krog and Hart Hotels bring an extended stay hotel to the neighborhood.

The 33,000 sq.ft. building at 847 Main Street at the corner of Virginia was completed in 2001 and has been vacant since SmartPill Corp. moved its remaining operations to Israel earlier this year.  According to The Buffalo News, Krog was planning to replace the non-descript building with a seven-story mixed-use development anchored by an extended stay hotel.

Instead, the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus wants to buy the building and add 10,000 sq.ft. of space to house AMRI and another firm until a permanent facility can be constructed at Goodrich and Ellicott streets on the site of a two-story parking ramp.  That building, expected to be completed in 2016, would include parking for 1,600 vehicles topped with several floors of office space.

From The Buffalo News:

Krog had planned to tear down the SmartPill building to make way for a mixed-use building that would include an extended-stay hotel. So in exchange for Krog’s agreement to sell, the developer will get the exclusive right to build the hotel in the medical corridor, a feature that Krog Corp.’s owner believes will be in even higher demand once the University at Buffalo Medical School and Women & Children’s Hospital move to the campus.

“There’s a lot going on, and I think to have something on the campus is a benefit to us as well as the campus,” said Peter Krog Sr.

New York and local officials announced in December that the state will spend $50 million to build and outfit a facility on the Medical Campus for the Albany-based life sciences company and several partner businesses.

A site for the new hotel has not been selected but Krog is looking at both new construction or conversion of an existing building.  From the News:

As for the hotel, Krog said he plans to partner with Hart Hotels on the project. They are looking to build an extended-stay hotel, with 120 to 150 rooms. It would join the DoubleTree Club by Hilton Hotel at 125 High St., near Buffalo General Hospital and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

The partners haven’t yet decided whether they want to convert an existing building or build from scratch, but they are exploring all of their options with campus officials.

Trico anyone?


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  • This is demolition we can all believe in. What a horrible building.

  • NewBuffalo

    I say knock that windowless of a building shown in that photo and build the hotel there!

  • Northbuff

    This buildings demolition is something all residents would cheer

  • digitalkid2112

    Business First article seems to indicate that the Innovation Center 2, Parking and hotel could all be in the same building that will be built at the corner of Goodrich and Ellicott.  If that is the case, I imagine that building would have to up quite a ways (20+ stories?).  At this point they are starting to actually run out of land to build horizontal and short.

  • Old Styler

    When they do build the hotel, please make it fit the new, modern feel of the med. campus! It will look dumb if a cookie-cutter franchise building gets plopped into the fray. Any new building should add to the modern, urban feel.

  • elmdog

    Please do something with the Smart Pill and Life time health buildings that face Main Streeet….They couldnt get further away from curb and commercial street access appeal…Its awful…

  • David Steele

    The building that should be saved they want to tear down while they talk about saving and reusing this piece of crud.  I don’t get it.

  • Jtown

    Damn a nice mixed used hotel project there would have been nice….oh well just have to wait a little longer to see this site redeveloped.

  • BillybobN

    Has anyone seen the Doubletree Hotel in the Medical Campus? I was looking for places to stay during a visit and that hotel popped up on the map. Didn’t even know it existed.

  • AllentownChris

    Tear it down! Tear it down! A parking lot would be preferable.

  • jstraubinger

    It’s just as ugly on the Washington St side. By the way, I was walking around that area on Wednesday and I noticed that with the new sandwich shop, all Graniteworks ground floor space is now filled. The sandwich shop has a seating area that takes up the McCormick Granite Building.

  • the lesson that no one has learned is this: this piece-of-s— building is a result of a terrible planner habit: dividing districts (census tracts, election districts, councilmanic districts, whatever) down the middle of the street.

    had both sides of main street, which had equivalent urban fabric in terms of age, density, quality of construction, and mix of uses, been included in the allentown historic district, we’d probably still have an intact block.

    and they can’t seem to break the habit.  one side of elmwood ended up in the new national register district, the other did not.  green code meetings?  full of maps that divide transects down the middle of the street.

  • BuffaloAllStar

    They can’t find another temporary home for Amri in the mean time? Really..we have to post pone a project that seemed to be just getting started. Add 10,000 k sq ft only to tear it down later on after selling it back to the original owner? Seems to be entirely counter productive and a

    • sbrof

      There are clean rooms and wet lab facilities in the SmartPill facility that
      make it one of the only places on the BNMC with both the availability and type of space that could work for this need.

  • BuffaloAllStar

    Colossal waste of resources as well.

  • OscarSt

    Everyone is so anxious to get things built. I understand that its been 75+ years of decline and people want the jobs and the development and even simple things like signs of properity.
    But just because a Hotel doesn’t get built on Main right now doesn’t mean that nothing good or even better wont get built in the future. I think the most important thing is to get a potential high tech employer up and running so they can have even more business and more jobs when their new building is finished. I wouldn’t handi-cap them or slow them down.
    However, this is an excellent example of why we need TRICO and other buildings developed. WE NEED SPECULATIVE SPACE THAT IS READY TO MOVE INTO otherwise we obstruct their growth and the benefits they could potentially provide to the community.

  • OscarSt

    A few other thoughts:
    -It just seems to me that UB and the developers are following the same pattern as South Campus, Amherst Campus and suburban office parks in the sense that most of their buildings are under 5 stories and nearly 90% are under 10%. That constitutes are very high burn rate for land downtown comprising the medical campus. There must we ways we can encourage more 5-10 story buildings.
    -There is far to much focus on Main Street as the Western Entrance to the Campus, Elm&Oak as the Southern Entrance from the Kensington BUT almost no focus on Jefferson Best as the Eastern Entrance. Getting Traffic to enter at Jefferson / Best could change the property values and stabilize that entire neighborhood (bordered by Main, Kensington, Best, Jefferson)
    -This point just seems like poor outreach. I have to wonder if the Life Sciences Campus did more outreach to Trocaire, ECC, Buffalo State and other local colleges with applicable programs then maybe we would be even further ahead. It just seems like we Buffalonians have a tendency to go it alone more often than not.