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Waterfront Lodge coming soon to Buffalo River Fest Park

Update: Lead image result is different than original rendering described in this article

More details have surfaced regarding the construction of a new community pavilion-lodge on the Buffalo River at Buffalo River Fest Park. Aside from the incredible location, and the multiple balconies, the building will also house a restaurant, lavatories, meeting space and banquet room, and historical displays.

Earlier today an announcement was made by the Valley Community Association, City of Buffalo Comptroller Mark Schroeder, City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, and U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins, detailing the project, which is slated to begin construction later this summer. The project also calls for boating docks and railings to be extended toward the lodge.

“In following through on our commitment to creating a marquee waterfront destination for local residents and the wider Western New York Community, we are officially breaking ground on an exciting new pavilion project at Buffalo River Fest Park,” said VCA Executive Director Margaret “Peg” Overdorf. “Once complete, the lodge will offer various services, including food and refreshments, bathrooms, and elevated views of the park and the Buffalo River.”

“Peg Overdorf had a vision for a world-class destination on the Buffalo River, and her hard work and determination is making that vision a reality,” said City of Buffalo Comptroller Mark Schroeder. “The Buffalo River Fest Park’s beautiful landscaping, river access, and concert series have already drawn throngs of visitors, and the new waterfront lodge will complete Peg’s vision and take this recreation hotspot to the next level.”

“This is another visible sign of the great progress taking place in Buffalo’s Ohio Street neighborhood,” said City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. “The new waterfront lodge at Buffalo River Fest Park adds to the great progress underway as we continue to improve and expand opportunities along the waterfront, creating jobs and spurring new investment.”

“Guided by an unlimited love for her community and a keen understanding of what the public wants, Peg Overdorf and her team is once again bringing another project to reality at the water’s edge,” said U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins. “This brick lodge will give Western New York not only a new restaurant and extended boating docks, it will join a growing list of unique destinations that honor our historic past and celebrate our exciting future. Located alongside of an area of Ohio Street that will soon transform into a riverfront parkway, residents and visitors alike will find more to enjoy along Buffalo’s waterfront.”

See Buffalo River Fest Park page on Facebook for future updates on this project.

For more information, please visit


Be sure to attend the upcoming 13th Annual Buffalo River Fest – See Facebook

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 14th – 16th, 2013

Buffalo River Fest Park 249 Ohio Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Friday, June 14th:

6pm–Historic Guided Walking Tours–Meet at River Fest Park

6pm–I Got It Bingo–River Fest Park
6pm–Local Artists and Artisans–Vendors–River Fest Park
6pm–Waterfront Memories–Exhibit–River Fest Park
6-8pm–Music–John Culleton Mahoney–River Fest Park Bandshell
7pm–Edward M. Cotter Fireboat Ride–River Fest Park Docks
8pm-12am–Music–Urban Renewal–River Fest Park Bandshell
Saturday, June 15th:
11am–Rigidized River Fest Regatta–See Info Above
12pm–Historic Guided Walking Tours–Meet at River Fest Park
12pm–Local Artists and Artisans–Vendors–River Fest Park
12pm–I Got It Bingo–River Fest Park
12pm–Waterfront Memories–Exhibit–River Fest Park
12pm–Kan Jam Tournament–River Fest Park
2pm–Kids Play Area–River Fest Park
2pm–Edward M. Cotter Fireboat Ride–River Fest Park Docks
3pm–Music–The Thirds Band–River Fest Park Bandshell
8pm-12am–Music–Hit n Run–River Fest Park Bandshell
Sunday, June 16th:
10am–Edward M. Cotter Fireboat Ride–River Fest Park Docks
11am–Fishing Contest–River Fest Park
11am–Historic Guided Walking Tours–Meet at River Fest Park
11am–9 Hole Putt-Putt–River Fest Park
11am–Waterfront Memories–Exhibit–River Fest Park
11am–Local Artists and Artisans–Vendors–River Fest Park
11am–I Got It Bingo–River Fest Park
1-3pm–Music–Sinatra & More–River Fest Park Bandshell
2pm–Edward M. Cotter Fireboat Ride–River Fest Park Docks
3:30pm-7:30pm –Music–Only Human–River Fest Park Bandshell

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  • brownteeth

    Sounds incredible!

  • soulfulging

    This is great, BUT – the project will be taking away the green space of the park??? did i read that correctly from the buffalo news article??
    Would be MUCH more logical to put it in place of the concrete triangle lot across from the park! see this image ->
    now know that the lot south of the park is paladino’s property who, supposedly will build a boat house and condos, but how many condos will fit there?
    as far as taking on culinary partner to fulfill the services in the lodge, it would be nice if the emerson program were brought in to help.

  • elmdog

    does sound like that…not sure why you would limit the green space to a minimum like this..

  • LouisTully

    as we continue to improve and expand opportunities along the waterfront, creating jobs and spurring new investment
    There he goes again, using “we”.
    Haven’t seen anything on here about the BALLE conference. I’m surprised. Even if there’s a post-conference writeup, I’m sure there’s many people that have no idea it’s going on right now.

  • RaChaCha

    Not sure if we got a media pass.

  • paulsobo

    This once again proves what I think is the perfect place for a NEW CONVENTION AND CONFERENCE CENTER.
    Not far from the Buffalo Riverfest Park and this Pavillion is Father Conway Park where the Larkin Administration Building was used as infill for the Ohio Basin and Canal.
    The Ohio Basin traveled toward South Park where it turned into the Ohio Canal intersecting with the Hamburg Canal. The Hamburg Canal is what is now being rewatered (though not to its true depth) at Canalside.
    FYI: there was another intersection off the Hamburg Canal. It was the Clark and Skinner Canal located at the Buffalo Casino.
    Rewater the the Ohio Basin and you will have 3 sides:
    -One side for a Convention Center
    -One side for a Conference Center
    -One Side for a Hotel
    All with access to the Buffalo River.
    Its perfect because it provides another historical themed facility, it would bring jobs to an area that needs them, its accessible to a light rail extension along South Park, it has convenient access to the highway and it wont clog up Canalside with a partial use facility that will get prematurely obsoleted (landlocked) blocking future growth.
    We need to get the current convention center out of its present location and as this post shows…we want to utilize our waterfront.

  • SoBlo

    Cool thing I read about this project in the paper is that the roof tiles will be donated for the project and are made from recycled rubber and plastic materials. The tiles are manufactured locally in Holland, NY by a company called EcoStar.
    Pretty cool it’s local and “green”