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Updated: Miller Sells Elmwood Village Townhouse for $640,000

Update: Miller has sold his townhouse for $640,000, an 85% increase over what he paid for the new-build just 7 years ago. It’s not entirely clear whether this means Miller wil be gone before the start of next season but it is clear that this property was a good investment for Miller. His annualized 9% return easily beat the broad stock market return over the same time period.


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Ryan Miller will start his 500th game for the Sabres tomorrow night at First Niagara Center as the Sabres host the Islanders. Based on a number of reports, it’s likely to be his last game in a Sabres uniform.

And there’s this tidbit: Ryan Miller has listed his Elmwood Village townhouse for sale. The price? $659,900.
Miller purchased the 3 bedroom, 4 bath, 2,700 square foot townhouse for $348,500 in May 2006. Seven years later, Miller is hoping to sell the property for 90% more then he paid. The listing doesn’t contain any interior photographs which is typical for listings of properties belonging to well-known sellers.
There was some scuttlebutt that Miller’s home might hit the market earlier today and WGR host Mike Schopp was one of the first to acknowledge the rumors.
Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 8.59.51 PM.png
Does this listing confirm that Ryan Miller won’t be in Buffalo next year? No, not definitively. But when you combine the house listing with the numerous reports and the fact that the Sabres are going into rebuilding mode, it seems very, very likely that Ryan Miller has one game left with the Sabres.
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  • buffalorr

    More power to him if he can get $659,000 for a 2700 sq. ft townhouse that only 6 years ago was 1/2 the price.
    He’d have a chance if the property was located on the waterfront in the Marina area, but doubtful anyone would pay such an amount in that location–side street, little view, small lot.
    The only one who would be dumb enough to shell out that amount may be the Canadian Government who spent 1.4 million on the house used as their consulate on Colonial Circle.
    It’s still for sale even after the asking price has been slashed to half of what they originally paid for it.
    Good Luck Ryan, wherever you go!

  • Travelrrr


  • hilaritee

    this is one of the things i hate about twitter…the endless gossip and speculation not to mention the unnecessary intrusion into people’s lives. can’t we let his career here wind down, if that is what is happening, quietly instead of turning it into a melodrama?

  • LouisTully

    A local celebrity is selling his house. Where’s the melodrama? Sabres fans are interested to know what his future is and, after all that these fans invest into this team, I believe they have the right to know. Take it easy.

  • buffalorr

    Oh ok Ryan, we’ll try.

  • ivan putski jr

    Just another glimpse into the small, cowtown mentality abyss Buffalo really is….what a joke

  • needIes

    Really? I live in Brooklyn and Brownstoner(among many others) posts regularly about celeb sales.
    So your un-constructive addition to the conversation just makes you look like you don’t get out much. Egg, meet face.

  • OutsidetheBox

    Maybe he’s just moving to Pominville’s old house.

  • LouisTully

    Personally, I think you’re a joke. You’re a loser for living here if it’s such a “small, cowtown mentality abyss”. Instead you could be a loser living in a real city.

  • benfranklin

    If he is leaving, I hope he faces 50 shots tonight, and puts up a shut out. It would be nice for the fans to give him an ovation as he leaves the ice.
    Good luck to him some where else, I’m interested to see how he performs for another team.

  • bbvdm

    Perfect…over-priced goalie…over-priced condo.

  • Buffalo All Star

    Glad to see him finally moving on…he has deserved much better for a very long time. The goalie can’t hold the whole team up forever..he’s got more talent than the Sabres deserve.
    He’s a stand up guy..big fish in a little pond for too long. Good luck!

  • 16thStreet

    What a shame.
    Name another goalie out there facing 40 shots a night with over a .90 save percentage? Miller, on any other team, would have won several cups. He’s no Hasek, but my bet is he wins a cup with the very next team he plays with.
    Good luck to Miller and Vanek. I now have zero reason to watch the Sabres; the two remaining good players are about to leave.
    If we were smart Sabres fans, we’d protest this shitty franchise. Instead, we sell out every game. Why should mgmt change, when the fans keep buying rubbish?!

  • JMc44113

    Who really cares? Back to reporting real news please.

  • GroveyClevesYall

    This is the most useless bit of information I have read all week. Thanks!

  • Stella

    Truly baffling! You could buy an EB Green mansion for less.

  • SecedefromNYS

    maybe he is looking to find a bigger place in the burbs????


    Ok, so if this info is legit, and he really does plan on leaving, doesn’t this leaking work against the Sabres massively? NHL now know he wants out, and the Sabres probably won’t get as much for him as they could have. I am a die hard Sabres fan, but even more so a Ryan Miller fan. I don’t blame him for being frustrated and wanting out. They are starting a “rebuild” 7 years into his career, and he wants a cup, and clearly isn’t going to get it in Buffalo. Who cares what he gets for his condo? I want to know what we’ll get for HIM.

  • BFLOwatch

    Im impressed.

  • DOC

    Negative per usual.

  • DOC

    More negativism.

  • DOC

    Ridiculous. You belong on a stage.

  • DOC

    Who is the joke? I have some idea.

  • DOC

    So much Buffalo negativism again. It never really occurs to people that his condo may be worth 659. That Buffalo has grown in real estate value to support this. See what I mean about the immediate default of Buffalonians to perceive our area as inherently unworthy? Others outside the area shape their persepctive of Buffalo based on how we see ourselves. Start getting a little smug and proud of our area. Our market can and does support these prices. It’s been happening in the (gasp) suburbs for decades. Now the city is gaining in prominence financially and otherwise. whats so hard to take about that?

  • LouisTully

    He already owns a place in the burbs.

  • brownteeth

    I agree. Also, I think this article was meant to be more indicative of the fact that we might be losing Ryan Miller, who has been a great asset to Buffalo sports, than it is about real estate per se.
    Ryan Miller is probably the only pro athlete that we’ve had since the days of Jim Kelly and crew that gives our city a positive image in the world of professional sports. For Christ’s sakes he was on the Olympic Hockey team representing our whole country! He is also a good guy around Buffalo too with his charity work and such. Unlike anyone on the Bills who cash their check for a season or two and peace out.

  • buffalorr

    Well then, if you think it’s such a good price, go ahead and make an offer.

  • ivan putski jr

    You’re right….i really need to care more when people sell their homes

  • buffalorr

    You’re reading way too much into this.
    It’s not negative to point out that the asking price of this property is not realistic.
    Look at the comps and you’ll see that most banks would never approve a loan for this place at that price.
    I think the vast majority of readers that log onto Buffalo Rising are the type that already have a lot of pride in their city, otherwise they wouldn’t be interested in reading these posts to begin with.
    I believe most people just don’t think there’s any point to sugar coating issues so that they end up being a “feel good” piece that ignores the reality of a situation.
    Comments being made whether they’re negative or positive do stimulate thought and discussion which is a healthy thing.

  • LouisTully

    That’s not the point. Why even click on the story, big shot? Why open your fat mouth?

  • sonyactivision

    Anywhere else that asking price would be fairly realistic but no interior pics? WTH? It’s got to be triple-mint and after 7 years there had better be serious updates to get that price. Miller’s celebrity means nothing. It’s just another house on the market and my opening bid would be $400k.